Friday, September 4, 2009

We're here, because we're here

Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

So totally WOW.

Hello all you non-existent fools. I am finally at Brandeis...well, have been so for about two weeks and change but that is neither here nor there.

I think I'm in love.

I'm still getting used to this whole independence thing, and it is just awesome. For one, the floor I live on (Deroy 300) is awesome. The ration is 6 girls, 16 guys- and a few of them grace us with shirtlessness at least once a day. This is a good thing...on the most part. The guys are all pretty chill, as are the six girls. I like my roommate, she is a sweetheart if a bit confused sometimes.

My classes are also looking to be really fun. That is pretty good. I am taking American Legal History I, Intro to Antrho, Intro to Econ and a writing course about dramas with insanity in them. Its all pretty chill.

The guys on my hall are great. We have been having movie nights and there are only a few people who always keep their doors closed. I think they will join in on the fun once the month is out.

The funny part about being here is that next week I will be home again for the holidays. go figure. I hope I don't get bombarded too badly with too many "OH MY GOD HOW IS COLLEGE!?" From my many jewish relatives. I think I will spend a lot of time hiding in my room or something.

The one bad thing about college is that I have found new ways to procrastinate. Such as Fuck FML, this place is awesome xD I never knew there were so many people obsessed with dinosaurs, forts, and harry potter. Its kinda sorta very awesome.

I do have other things to do besides classes though! Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) and Mock Trial are the two clubs I've joined. Apparently both take up a lot of time-so that should be fun. right. I need to learn not to be a killin' myself over shiz.

And to the counter on the side of my page. I wanna know who the person was who kept pressing refresh for that long. There is NO way I got that many unique hits in one day, especially cause not one of ya left me a comment if that is true. It did almost make me choke on the Challah I was eatin though when I saw the number. I hope you enjoyed reading who ever you are. Comment! I don't bite.


Seriously. I hope you stop by again. Enjoy what I am saying or what not, cause that would be pretty cool. Not that my life is very interesting. Well, it can be-but I leave some of the more interesting bits to myself.


But for now, I must go. The Pizza delivery guy is here, and I am sick of Sherman food.