Sunday, April 12, 2009

Haha, Why yes. I do exist!

I don't know what to write.
Hello again! How ya! Long time no talk...been..golly. Two months, eh?
Three. Okay..well
better late than never I suppose.

I kept doing things and saying "hmmm...I should blog about this. I haven't written forever-than poof! I just didn't write about it. Don't ask me why I didn't, I just don't know. I want to get back on the ball again, get some focus back in my life and yeah. I just don't know quite where to begin right now. OH I KNOW

I am going to write about the amazing weekend I had last month with an old friend of mine to be known as Sunshine.

She and I go wayyyy back. We became friends in the summer of 2001, in Bonim bunk 13 (what what Eisner Camp). We were pretty close, I considered her one of my best friends, and our relationship was a bit on and off (as we had different groups of core friends). We had some pretty sick philosophical conversations though, and knowing her changed my life.

After the summer of 2006 though, we hardly spoke. We chatted occasionally through facebook, and I always told her I planned on kidnapping her one day...well two years later it kinda sorta happened.

She called me, and I took a train to new jersey to spend the weekend with her. It was amazing. We just talked about life, and walked around, and found sunshine and brown rice. We played apples to apples, did spinart, went to a coffee shop, made banana bread and was awesome.

It is always nice finding a new friend with an old friend.

Next time (Hopefully not three monthes from now) I will write about my weekend to Brandeis :)

I am now going to try and thrwart my bagel craving with Matzah. Yum.