Monday, January 26, 2009


I want to get this down before I forget.

Mexico was AWESOME

We went to Mazatlan for One week-and while it was a fucking hassle to get to. It was sooooo worth it.

Here was our agenda. Is it sad I remember the days by what meals we ate?

Left Kennedy for Houston. Turbulenceeeeee. Arrived after four hours, and got escorted around the city by my father's police friend Lyn. It...was well....Houston isn't much of a tourist place. It has the space center, and that's it. (We didn't even get to go). We had "Texas Bar-B-Que" and the BEST PECAN PIE EVER. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, and I got to listen to my sister gush on the phone to Joe for a bit. We acted like little kids (ice fights-hmm?) and got some sleep.

Left Houston. Two Hours on a smalll plane. Landed in Mexico. Got picked up by one of my parent's friend and got dropped off at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay. The Hotel was GORGEOUS. It was a bit rainy outside, and somewhat cool (Though nothing compared to New York. I would take "cold" Mexican Weather (68 degrees) ANY day of the year). Got a tour and went to our room. Same and I shared the couch bed-but for now I took a nap on the Veranda. Ate on Premises for Dinner. Surf and Turf and a really fun Appitizer boufet, and dessert boufet. ALso-discovered that I liked the 18 year old drinking age of mexico 8).

Still a bit rainy. Hung by the pool, went swimming, painted some cermaics and went to the Gym with my sister to work with a personel trainer. Napped and than went to the City for Dinner at a Resturaunt called Angelo's (Yes. Italian food in Mexico. Go Figure). BEST MUSHROOM SOUP EVER. They served in a bread bowl and everything. Also got to try spanish coffee, which is brandy(with most of the alcohol burned off), coffee, and vanilla ice cream. I liked it a lot-and we got some fun "mustache" pictures.

Sunny! What did we do? Zip-lining through the Jungle yo! IT was at place called Huana Coa, and it was super fun-even if I did get stuck a couple times before they put "training wheels" on me. I still want to do it again though, cause it was awesommmeeee. I wasn't even afraid of the heights :) After playing Tarzan, we went to a Tequilla Factory and saw how it was made. I had my first shot ever (Lick, sip, suck) and than we went back to the hotel. We ate dinner at El Capitanos, and we saw my father on TV because he donated Vests for the Police there. It was super fun.

We went on a city tour today. We saw the cliff divers, the Cathedrial (Super pretty), and we went shopping at the market. We had lunch, saw the opera house, and so much more. I got to test out my bargaining skills (Super awesome), and we were introduced to Olas Atlas.


Not only was the food amazing, but the family who runs it was super, super nice. We ended up meeting them three more times-and I swear it feels like I have known them my whole entire life. Kenn is an AMAZING chef, and I can't wait for them to come up to New York.
They even showed us this AMAZING massage place, which gave me the best massage I have ever had-for twenty dollars an Hour. Sick right? So much fun.

Breakfast at Olas Atlas<3 with the Police Secratery (Dad again :P) where my sister got one of the waiters to escort us to clubs later that night xD. My parents and sister went horseback riding and I went to the gym again (oh boy). Later that Night we went to Senor Peppers (eh) and than Sam, Marco, and I went to Joe's Oyster club and Bora Bora. We saw a fire spitter, drank, and had a whollllle lot of fun :). Came back at 2 am. Haha. whooopsss

Another Lounge day. Sam Got her tan, I got a burn, and my Dad decided to disguise himself as a lobster. We got another massage, hung out at Olas Atlas again and had a fun relaxing day. I realized I had to go back to school soon and was very sad.

Flew from Mazatlan to Houston. HOLY HELL. We had a police officer escort us from plane to gate( My darling Father yet again) and got through security and customs in THIRTY MINUTES. Plus we got a cart ride :P. It was pretty sweet. Next came the flight back to New York, trudging through snow, and than back to Home-and Bed. School the next day-where Mexico was but a dream.

I can't wait to go back.


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