Monday, December 1, 2008


I just saw the number on my counter, and I know only like thirty of those are me-which means over one hundred people (Unless one person actually came to read this thing more than once. ha) have looked at this blog.

My only comment is condolence, and I promise to pay your medical bill if my words made your eyes implode.


I hate Turkey. I mean, cold cut turkey is delcious but the thanksgiving version? No thank you. But that is what I have been eating for the last four days and it makes me want to cry. I didn't even get to break one wishbone, which is so uncool.

My wish:
Make turkeys 100 % dark meat.
That would be friggin sweet

Oh dear! That is the bell. I should really leave myself more than five minutes to write these things. Will write more.
Again, I am so sorry! I know I said I wouldn't apolidgize anymore, but I think it is quite neccersary at this point.


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