Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life? huh?wha?

It is funny how painful boredom can be. It is just on that line of discomfort, and it totally sucks.
At 17 years old-I have no life.
Yesiree, I am going to be 18 in a month-and I have NO life what so ever. My schedule goes as follows:
1.wake up

Exciting, no?
I want to scream and do something with my life. I mean, come on-that is the workings of someone who is depressed-and I like to think of myself as a somewhat happy person, and yet here I am doing a routine that makes me want to cry. I look forward to school, and I ache for college where...I dunno-a life will magically appear? More than likely not.

The sad part is-I don't know what to do to fix it. For the last few months I was in a show, so that gave me something to do, but for the next six months I will have nothing after school. But, the friends I have from school will be either in the show, or because they have no life, such as myself, they spend their time playing video games, working, or smoking pot.

I spend too much time on the computer already, I have too much schoolwork to get a job outside of my mother's office (where I work now), and I do not want to resort to drugs for entertainment. I am not particularly interested in any sport, or club offered at the school and that won't really help me on the weekends. Which is where I am stuck now, again. With nothing to do.

I think I will go visit my cousin at work, which hey-will at least get me outside.But I want a more permanent solution.

I think I may find a pet shelter to volunteer at. That could be fun, though I worry about what I will do with schoolwork. Actually do it in a timely fashion? Maybe-though that makes me cringe. Really, I am the most Lazy Ambitious person out there.

I am going to go and try running on the treadmill for a bit, that will at least leave me active, if still bored.

Any suggestions out there? And questions :) Answering questions will give me something to do :P


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