Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life? huh?wha?

It is funny how painful boredom can be. It is just on that line of discomfort, and it totally sucks.
At 17 years old-I have no life.
Yesiree, I am going to be 18 in a month-and I have NO life what so ever. My schedule goes as follows:
1.wake up

Exciting, no?
I want to scream and do something with my life. I mean, come on-that is the workings of someone who is depressed-and I like to think of myself as a somewhat happy person, and yet here I am doing a routine that makes me want to cry. I look forward to school, and I ache for college where...I dunno-a life will magically appear? More than likely not.

The sad part is-I don't know what to do to fix it. For the last few months I was in a show, so that gave me something to do, but for the next six months I will have nothing after school. But, the friends I have from school will be either in the show, or because they have no life, such as myself, they spend their time playing video games, working, or smoking pot.

I spend too much time on the computer already, I have too much schoolwork to get a job outside of my mother's office (where I work now), and I do not want to resort to drugs for entertainment. I am not particularly interested in any sport, or club offered at the school and that won't really help me on the weekends. Which is where I am stuck now, again. With nothing to do.

I think I will go visit my cousin at work, which hey-will at least get me outside.But I want a more permanent solution.

I think I may find a pet shelter to volunteer at. That could be fun, though I worry about what I will do with schoolwork. Actually do it in a timely fashion? Maybe-though that makes me cringe. Really, I am the most Lazy Ambitious person out there.

I am going to go and try running on the treadmill for a bit, that will at least leave me active, if still bored.

Any suggestions out there? And questions :) Answering questions will give me something to do :P


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stargate Convention

Okay. So. If you thought I was an uber-nerd before, I think I just topped all expectations.
For my 17th birthday last year, my mom got me tickets to a stargate convention, and this weekend I went.

Yes ladies and gents, I went to a real life sci-fi convention and I LIKED IT.
In fact I could even say I loved it.

To tell you the truth I wasn't expecting much. I mean, there were six actors that showed up who played various characters on SG1 and SGA, and I knew the characters they played-but I never expected to really connect them to real life people. Also, I was afraid of who I may meet there. I mean, my mom gets pretty crazy over TV-that times 200 people? that was looking to be trouble.

When we arrived there though, I found myself indoctrinated. Apparently I fascinated the masses, don't know why-but people seemed to like me, and I liked them. We talked, and I attempted to get the crowd on my side on bid so the price would stay in my range.(I wanted to get a SGA banner-they were going for like 100-200$ though. One sold for 1250$ which even shocked the shit out of the man who had just paid 450$ for an autographed picture of Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. So yeah, me no get one).

The events were fun. Each day followed roughly the same pattern: two actors. photo ops. Signings. sprinking of auctions, music videos, and trivia.

The first day we saw Gary Jones and Dan Shea. Gary was a riot, and Shea was high on something-or needs ridolin. Or both

2nd day was: Kavan Smith and Chuck Campbell-both were funny, and Kavan was smokingggggg

3rd day was: David Nykl...the good doctor. He was HELLA funny, and we chatted a bit at the autograph signing. I told him I got the Cehkoff reference.

And the Best part of Sunday....
(be still my beating heart)

Every now and than ia llow myself to be a 17 year old girl, and this man makes me wanna squee like a teenager at a boyband concert. He plays Ronon Dex on SGA and goooddddd is he is ever Hot. I got to take two pictures with him, and listen to him talk and play guitar and sat next to him at breakfast. I am one happy girl let me tell you that.

I also bought some merchandise. Or rather my mom bought me merchnadise.

Me? I am just thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.

And I know this post makes no sense, as I am dead tired-and I have my mind on hw, and happiness.

Maybe I will add and rearrange later.