Monday, October 6, 2008

Quantifying you all

I love heating pads and caffeine. They make my life complete at times. They make the pain go away, and the need for sleep until I have to crash.

I am in a bit of a muddle. My uncle had a heart attack. He's fine but...its like: What about my dad? What id it happens again? What would happen if it had been bad? How would I react? My cousin is like my sister. What could I do for her?

its...its odd. Its made my ehad screwy and made my homework even harder to do than usual.
Hence the reason I am writing at 1 am and not slaving over the books. I really need to get cracking though. I have quite a bit to do before six am.

Math Ditto
Political Analysis
Eating my own Face
College look-ups
Jane Eyre analysis

I think I may go in late so I can put the Jane Eyre stuff off. In fact I think I will
I could also put the politcal analysis off, but I like the teacher a lot so I will do it to hand in after school. I am going to do the math stuff fourth, and the attempt to do some college stuff tonight. the DBQ though? Well..smestad doesn't charge for I guess that is a project for tomorow

Can yall tell I do the procrastination thing? I really need to stop. It is REALLY hurting my life
My sleep schedule is messed up. My social life is messed up. I just..I need to stop. Its just hard ya know? I need to be alone to work, but when I get home from school my mom has her worker bee over. I could try doing my work in my room, but the computer there really really sucks. I want a laptop, but I need to wait for college. I am hoping for Noddlebum's old one. lets see how that works out.

Fuck my stomach hurts. I wanna curl in a ball somewhere.

Have you all seen my new toy? It counts you all Mahahahahaha

really it will just count how many times I press refresh....probs...

Oh shut up you.
yes you.

I also found a new obsession. Yahoo! Answers, so I can get my answering need out of my system

alll you non-questioners out there
-waggles finger-

But that doesn't mean you can't post a question to me...I promise I won't bite
Unless asked too of course

Okay. HW now. Gonna write about the VP debate
Or maybe throw up..


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