Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Economy: Explain this to me?

I just finished a cup of coffee so my stomach hurts and I am beginning to get wired so I can start and hopefully finish my homework before it is due. Which would be nice. But I want to get something out of my system before I settle down to the tedious work, cause it takes a lot to get my blood boiling but I think the American Gov't has managed to achieve it.

Lets take a look at our economy:

As all third graders and above should know, America runs on a free market system. Supply and Demand rules the roost and it is every man for himself to make a profit. Greed serves the community and the system balances itself out. This seems all well and good on paper, and hell-even in real life but there is something Adam Smith missed when he first brought the idea of capitalism to the world. That is unearned income.

What is it exactly? It is income that is made by not giving back to the system. Earned income means that something is sold, a product is being put into use and the company gets the money so more products can be made. Money from the system is being recycled into the system, which is how the system balances. With unearned income, interest from a bank or from the stock market, money is being earned outside the system. With stocks, the company isn't getting the money when stocks rise, all that is happening is paper is being exchanged. No money is going into the system, which causes an unbalance.

What happens when an unbalanced tower gets to big? CRASH.

It happened in 1929, cause people were spending money they didn't have and because stock prices got inflated on nothing. The bubble burst and things came toppling. You would think people would learn from the past, but no...and now the same thing is happening all over again.

Good by Fannie and Freddie, ta ta Lehman brothers and Bear Sterns.

Now, this is aggravating enough-but what the government is doing in response to this is what is getting me really, really ticked off.

80 billion dollars to AIG, 700 billion to be distributed to other floundering companies. The golden parachute, the bailout. These companies screwed up, they screwed over investors, they let out bad loans, and let the bubble get much to big. They unbalanced the economy, and now they need the government to help them out. These big ole rich companies.

What about the worker? What about the homeless? What about the people who are kicked out of their homes due to bad debt and unemployment? What about those living on food stamps? people who are barely making morgage? the everyday investor whom are losing thousands over the stock market crash? The thousands of workers who are going to get laid off? why doesn't 700 billion go to them? Why does it go to the companies that fucked up?

Can someone please explain this to me? I mean, it doesn't make any sense at all! Than again, we are talking about the gov't but...come on! Why does the average american have to let their tax money go to these giants? Isn't it better spent on internal improvement? Isn't it better going to the people who were screwed over and not to those that screwed up?

I mean open your eyes people, look to the past. Big business has done nothing but fuck this country over in the past. The people don't benefit, the politicians and bussiness men do! Isn't it our country? Our money? Why the hell does a family have to worry about food when the government can spare hundreds of billions of dollars to a corperation?

I know I am only a teenager, and there are other forces in play-but I can't see them. Can anyone else? Please, please explain it to me if you do see them. Until than, all I can do is eye Canada in some sort of envy.

Screw the companies, give the money to the people. So they can consume, and get the money back into the system so it can balance itself. Stop pandering to the wealthy politicians, look to the people you promised to help. I can't wait to see how karma plays out in this. God damn.

I am going to try and do homework now, but I am still mad. Who wouldn't be?
Excuse me while I beat my head against a wall.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh Golly, here I go again with the not updating the blog. i plan to get better at this, I really and trully do. I am still impressed with myself for only going two monthes, and not a whole damned year without posting.

Note: It has been hard to post. I mean camp, finding a computer for long enough to think and not have people looking over your shoulder and distracting you is amazingly difficult, and than coming home, I had homework, and Aruba, and school and yeah.

So now I am going to try and do a short summary of the last two monthes. But where to begin? Probably from Camp. Yes that will do.

I believe I was still in the middle of the machon bit of the summer when I last posted. Since that point we went on a white water rafting trip, which was AMAZING. (Crab Apple in Massachusetts, look it up. they have good brownies) and we learned lots of new things from Rabbi Circman, and from Eliron. Who none of you know, and that is fine. I also got to see my friends, Shelly, Deb and Mike, and Zi and oh fuck I lose and yeah.

We also got our assignments, and I felt damned honored for what they did for me. They gave me my first two choices, which was damned hectic, and amazing at the first time.

1. K'tanim (7-8 year old) campers that stay 2 weeks each. All of them were lovely, even the brats of the bunch and I miss them so much. I hope they all grow up well and love Eisner as much as I did: I am gonna feel a bit creepy right now and write their names out so I don't forget. I don't want to forget the summer at all so:

first session

second session

I can't believe I remembered them all.

Also, my coworkers:
Jenna, Jena, Leann, Carly, Marrisa, Maddy

2. K'tanim was fun..but not as much fun as Video. Gosh that was an experience. I told them I wanted to help, Sivan, the video specialist cause she was my friend and I had some experience. i thought I was going to be regulated to capturing and filing and such-but nope, they handed me baby and Marian (3 ccd lovlies that always broke) and told me to go forth. I got to learn to edit, how to stay up to 4 am, how to beat out music-and how to have fun. I enjoyed every moment of it. Every hectic, 50th, macabia, annoucement, dinner, prayer, evening program, walking across camp moment.

But enough about camp, it was awesome and I am pretty sure I want to go back but I am home now, and unfortunately we must sink ourselves in reality. Before I do that though, I must get one last taste of summer.

Its funny, I originally didn't wanna go. I was worried about homework, being at the beach where I was sure to fry and of course-the plane. But it really was not bad, in fact I would even go as far as to say it was great. We went on a jeep ride over mountains, where I got to practice spanish, and we went snorkeling. We got to lay around, and go shopping and I bought this BEAUTIFUL box and saw others, made with mopa mopa, and if I ever go back I will have to get some more. I also got on a horse and went to this amazing beach, and we ate. A lot. Which was awesome.

I also choose to forget the draggy boat ride. Bleh.

I stayed up extra late to do my Psych homework, and I got more music for my ipod from Noddlebum and Sivan( Video Vixen) and I am debating dropping my quest, as i lost what song I was on and my new music mussed everything up. I also am thinking about getting a new ipod, and I want to start that out with just music I like :P who knows. It was a fun endeavor, but eh...

Now I am at school, and I have about five minutes left before I have to run.
Before I go, I wanna give my schedule and teacher impressions

1. English with Elias
strict, patriotic, and interesting. i think his class will be tough and fun

2.Drama with Salerno
sal:plain and simple

3.AP gov with harrison

4. offffff

5. Psych with battersby
Interesting subject, strict teacher, fun teacher, hard course. My brain will fall out and I will enjoy it:)

6.Spanish with Montoya
like the teacher. hate the course. just remember those 6 credits...

7. Math with Sherman
I hope I can cut it with the calculus, as I was up and down last year but I like the class and teacher and I am praying to do well. hell, I will even study

8. Gym.

9. Euro with Smes
again. love. love. love

I also signed up for SADD, recycling committee, and mock trial

lets see how my brain fares under all this. And I haven't even began to TALK about my new eating plan
thats a post in itself. But that is for later today
or tomorrow
or new week
or next month
or next year...

Or whenever I remember that this exists and I have the time and will to write.
I will edit (maybe) later

Any questions class?