Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm here at Eisner,

And it is beyond the awesome, like woah....I mean it is beyond the awesome, in fact it is fuck awesome....like the feeling I was afraid of not getting, it is here in my gut and it is here to stay and it like yes.

Golly gosh Fuck twat yes

there I am mixing my curse levels, look what xkcd makes me do? and life and yeah...

so now that my non-! excitement is over..

I don't know why I didn't use them, I blame laziness. Bad laziness baddddddddd.

I m tired, yess I am-and happy. Quite!


Not only am I in Eisner
Not only did I meet a british nerd (Now to be referred as Britnerd)
Not only did I just have chocolate
I got questions
People exist on the internet
and they read my blog
well wait-no
they exist in real life, and I sent them to my blog
but by golly it counts
cause I say so. So ner

What are you going to study as a senior? My plan is to do five advanced placement courses (euro, psyc, cac, gov, and eng) and not kill myself in the process. I also plan to study some Drama and "Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy" A.k.a "Everything I hate about America" I also plan to study the art of napping.

Where do you want to study?
Not in School? If I had my choice of things I would put school in an open field somewhere and learn there, even if it is raining. College wise? I don't have a damned clue. Not in the snow.

Why to both?
...Because I am indecisive nut case. Plain and Simple...

When do you expect to finsh the ipod mission?
Hopefully by the end of this year. I'm on the h's now, I haven't been listening to it in camp so far cause I am preoccupied with Prince Freddick III, my new mp3 with all classical music on it. I'm a bad girl :(

Who is your favorite band so far?
That is like asking...What is your favorite flavor of pie? HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE?!? No really. I have not a clue, I like MSI, Guster, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Blue October, Garth Brooks,Enya, Ace of Base...shall I go on? Its easier to say I dislike Rap, and Emo music.

How do you do?
I be doing allright, well amazing, well no
My stomach and shoulder hurts
My mouth hurts from smiling
I feel like dancing
and I can't wait to dance
I am in the mood for chocolate
and the thought of candy is making me sick
I want to get rid of the sweat and dirt from the last day
and I honestly can't get myself to care

I am feeling like Camp. And that was more poetic than I EVER meant it to be.

Alright, the Israelis are glaring at me for taking up a staff computer for so very long.
See you on the flip side
Send my blog to people
and yeah


And some news from outside the bubble pleaseeeee.


1 comment:

Kibord87 said...

News from outside the bubble?
Chick, you have a smart phone. News isn't hard to come by.

Thanks for answering my questions though, and I do like the nickname ^_^

would it be foolish to ask if you want more questions?

Thought so.

Okay, I suck at questions.
Here goes:
What is your motivation for posting now?
Do you prefer Ninja, pirates, or drunken monkey cowboys?
Do you like to chew gum?
If you could own any sword, from anywhere, which would it be?
What is your favourite kind of pen?
Okay, so I'm stretching it now.

Seriously though, you shouldn't be so orientated about getting recognition, just write what you feel, if people like to read it, great, if not, obviously there is something wrong with them.