Thursday, June 5, 2008

SO I suck. Thats pretty much true.


Wow this awkward. Kinda like walking into the middle of a conversation where the last thing said was "And than I ate it off her."

But not really.

Been a while, eh?

I mean a real big while.

I truly suck. I know, I don't know why I haven't been posting lately. At all...I want to get back to it though, especially because I am going to Camp soon. Which is like HOLY FUCK. Because-well...I don't feel like I am. It doesn't feel like June. Doesn't feel like we just have five more days of classes. Doesn't feel like I am almost a just...


I am waiting for it to hit me, and I am hoping it doesn't come in August or some shit like that..

Well, I am going to break off for a moment to update on my ipod:

At curent: I am on song 1202 ( Grace of God go I by Flogging Molly)

In fact. I am going to go through the numbers now, so I have it all handy and dandy for later:

First song: "A 9mm And A Three Piece Suit" by Catch 22 (1)
Last song: "Aye Tarona" No Artist (217)
# of songs: (217)

First song: "B'tzelem Elohim" by URJ Camp Eisner (218)
Last song: ""BYOB" by System of a Down (452)
# of songs:(235)

First song: "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched(453)
Last song: "Cute Without the "E"(Acostic)" by Taking Back Sunday(651)
# of songs:(199)

First song:"Daffodil Lament" by The Cranberries(652)
Last song: "Dusk in Desert Rain" by Goteki(842)
# of songs:(191)

First song:"Easy Action" by Kotani Kinya (843)
Last song: "Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)" by The Who(943)
# of songs:(101)

First song:"Fa Fa" by Guster(944)
Last song: "Futures" by Mindless Self Indulgence (1081)
# of songs:(138)

First song:"Gackt-Death Wish" by Gackt(1082)
Last song:"Gypsy" by Suzzane Vega(1224)
# of songs:(143)

I think I will just keep on this list, or maybe copy and paste it when I get to the end of the journy of which I am about 1/4 of the way through at letter 7 of 26, which seems about right.

The T's are going to be fun.....

Bell just rang. Gotta go. Hopefully I'll be back soon.

QUESTIONS you non-existent fuckheads :D


1 comment:

Kibord87 said...

ZOMG you don't ask for much you?
Well, since I am getting tired of your 'ask me things you masochistic none existant people' gig, I will forfil your 'desire' for confirmation of attention.

You have my attention.
Now answer my questions like you have nothing better to do:
What are you going to study as a senior?
Where do you want to study?
Why to both?
When do you expect to finsh the ipod mission?
Who is your favorite band so far?
How do you do?

Okay, that's all questions.
Maybe more on your next post ^_^