Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will add more later but I just want to note that I got through the D's.

Dusk in desert Rain by Goteki was the last, and that was number 842.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh Wow.

So yes.

I am becoming bad again, but I haven't really had the time to sit and write with APs and SATs coming up. Is Andrea a happy camper? Nope! God. I have been hiccuping like a mother all day, the stress is getting to me. I have one may 9th (apush) may 13th (chem) and may 14th (Composition) but am I at all ready for any?

The only test I feel truly 100% confident about is the SATs, which is may 3rd, and I just want to get it over already. I think I should do at least a 1250 (out of 1600) and I am secretly wishing for closer to a 1400. Who knows, maybe I will even beat bagel (mist fricken 1450) but if that happens, I will laugh my ass off for a very, very long time.

I have been a good girl and I have been studying though.

Today is the Mock AP for APUSH. I will get to see what I will get with minescule review and a stomach ache. I just want a feel for the test, that will help me out more than anything at this point.

So! I have started playing around with a new character, not that anyone cares. He is a half crazed mage, who started playing around where papa told him not too. He has an amulet, which he tried to use to heal the broken bone of a friend using a time speed up. What he did instead was send himself into the future, without enough of the potion that would send him back to his era. His dad told him not to play with magics he still ahdn't learned-but no...he had to be cocky, and now he is stuck in the modern world of smog and metal-and the culture shock has driven him a bit loco to say the least.

I need to A) give him a name B) figure out if I want to make a story or roleplay with him. C) work out the discription and D) nail down the personality.

Not neccersarily in this order. I just hope the concept is original enough. In reality, I am trying to depart from my security blanket character Onde. LOVER HIM....but....I feel I need to expand. Thats why I have Sahar for medieval, now I need something for Modern :) and I think this mage is it.

I wonder what time my mock ap starts...hopefully not right after the bell. I drove Big red to school today to drop stuff off. It would suck if I couldn't do it and I would have to drive again....

Now. Remember you nonexsistant folk: QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya lots.