Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well Gosh.

Today has been interesting, watched Kill Bill with Noddlebum, got into a little tiff of a thing, and drove. A lot. And talked a lot. I am not the soul bearing sort, so yeah-an odd experience today.

So here I am, 3 am again and slaving over homework once more.
What is on the list? Drama, Social Studies, Chemistry, and English.

What have I done?
The chem, and I am in the middle of Drama.
I feel bad.

I am supposed to hang out with NB tomorrow...err, today(sun.)-and he told me to finish up work. I was suppose to have done that before I saw him on today(sat.) But I kinda really wanted to see him (Insert Awwwwwsss here) and so I didn't.

I know.
I'm a bad girl.

I worry about work though, a lot. I live on the stress...and I know I probably shouldn't be hanging out with him tomorrow, because that will mean I will be up to all hours of the night on Sunday. But fuck it. FUCK IT.

Gah. I am going to be in a suck mood, I know a shock, and I hate that. Because I don't like suck moods...they well, suck.

I know, the depth of that....just sit back and take it in. Now, doesn't that feel better?

I need to learn time management. And how to not have ADD.

So. My ipod (There goes working on the Attention Span.)


BYOB by System of the down was the last song, clocking in at 452....meaning that there are

235 B songs...more than As, really? Golly. Now I am into the C's and the journey continues.

blasted some Barry Mantilow and Disney

People on the cross walk looked at us all funny.

It was amazing.

Now back into the depthes of homework Hell.
Sleep? What is this?



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