Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breathing Bricks

So. I Should be studying for that editorial thing that we are finally going to write next period, or so the rumors go, but instead I am going to type about nonsensical things and try and amuse the nonexsistant masses that read this thing.

I want to start another story soon, but first I need a plot.
I've posted this elsewhere, so I should probably add it to this blog as well.

Email me, or comment me, an idea you want to see written out.
Original or for some fandoms(ask me)
Give me a prompt

Anything, Please. nothing is too much to write about and I so want the practice.

I mean, I guess I practice writing everyday, as I DO roleplay. Alot.
Speaking of which:

My roleplay website. It is a fun place, describing my rules and what I do and all that other fun stuff.

Not that anyone is going to click, so why do I bother?

I haven't eaten alot today, so my stomach has been growling audiably for the last while in a half. Maybe I can see if I can get it to sing Jingle Bells....


Bricks and Breathing were the theme of my morning ride.
She's a brick
She's a Brick House
Just breath
Breathing in your love
Ya get the picture?
I am starting to sing a lot more outloud to the songs I know. I am glad car windows are made of safty glass, or I would worry about the harm this is causing to my car.

How much fun was that today?
We are studying "Movement" So we got to walk all funky to this funky classical disco stuff.
I need to get that song. It was awesome
"Hooked on Classical."

apparently it is hard to find, but I will manage :D

I wonder what we are going to do with it tomrrow? All I know is that half the class, including myself, worked up a sweat during the process. So I feel bad for the general population of the school, for I don't know how many of my fellow drama-ites use deodorant, or deodorant that actually WORKS.

Ah. BO. Lovely, lovely BO.

Fuckkkk. I am Hungry. Guess JJ and I are going out to Lunch today! Woot.

Now Onto the Questions:


Why am I shocked?
Oh wait. I'm not.


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