Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello Aunt Jean Ann

Writing from my Aunt and Uncle's house in New Jersy (yes the smelly state)

I stayed over night with bagel, cause my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jean ann Are pretty darn fun. Yesterday night we talked, and today we baked a cake that was kosher for passover. Which started yesterday. Which means no bread for 7 more days. Can you hear the rumble of the stomach?

Last night the sedar was at my house, Noddlebum was there to mingle with the family. That was a sight to see. No one really gave him the third degree. which was a shock, I wonder if they realize he is in college....

Not that I will tell them that xP. only if they ask.

Tonight we are at Susie and Michael's house for Sedar-which will be decidingly a lot more boring than at our house. A) because it is a tad smaller and so more claustraphobic and B) well....they tend to go out a bit more than us, which means waiting a lot longer for food (Which is admittingly better than what we serve)

I am quite excited though for the cake we baked. Chocolate fudge with whipped cream and almonds. Can you say delcious?

But, enough on food.
The carride up here was fun.
We played a name that city type game, where the last letter of a city spawns the first of the next.

New York City

You get the picture?
Twas fun :)

Oh lordy. I can smell that cake....


3 letters down
23 to go
Last song with
"Cute without the E (acostic)
and it rang in at 651

If I weren't lazy I would go back and subtract to findout how many C's I had
maybe later.

But for now, I need to show my Aunt Jean my lovely photoshoppings. because I am a braggart, and quite proud of the work I did xP

Qhy don't you question me to find out xP


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