Friday, April 18, 2008

-Brushes dust off-

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while-but I am assuming no one is really clicking refresh on this page so there is no point except for myself. Right? At least I am doing better with this than I have with my other ventures.

...Which ain't saying much
(Says the girl who wrote in her diary once a year)

So how have my two weeks been.
Well! Let me tell you...I don't remember a fucking thing :)
Or of note anyway.
There probably was something...but.
Its 12:30 and I don't give a hoot or holler anymore.

Oh wait!
I did do something.

I am tinkering with photoshop. Yep you non-existent ladies and gents, I make the pictures on the computers now!

Tell me what you think...all none of you.

Ipod update:
In the end o' C's.
Got past Crazy
No one to listen to the cotton eye joe with :(

I have discovered my love for windows down and volume up. Especially when classical or Disney comes on. Yessireee.

Well, Bed harkens. Hello Bed, I hark back.
Oh yes. Question me.


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