Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boredom in a nutshell

Golly golly golly golly golly

That is all I have to say.
Really, life is suck right now and I don't know why. I am aching, count that, ACHING with boredom. Enough so that I am seriously thinking about doing homework, DRAMA homework. I mean come on, how desperate can you get?

Speaking of Drama. I got into the show. Oh boy.
I am an Audience/observer thingy in "The Sneeze" AND
I am understudying the Assistant in the second Act. For get this"
Her: Black
Me: Short

...Oh yeah. This is going to work out SPLENDIDLY.

Ah well, Sal seems to know what he is talking about...right?

Wow. I need to get a life, for real, instead of spending Ninth period babbling on like a brook.
I could write a story, again, but my muse is currently sleeping.
Maybe I can start on my Onde novel-eh?

Oh wait. I still need to decide how I am going to write that fucker.

I wanna write though, about something.
Other than about sitting here and doing nothing. Which seems to be the usual topic...

So what is goin' on with the Crazy Box o music?
Well this morning (because I forgot the commentary I had from this weekend)

-Two Words: Techno Bagpipes
-I have braveheart on my ipod SIX TIMES. God damn, WHY? I haven't even seen the movie :X
-Pop is Fun
-This is the life Bo Bo Bo Bo
-Queen twice in one ride: life is NICE.

Now finally I ask:


Or creative writing prompts?
Pretty Please.
With sugar on top, and ice cream, and cherries, and sprinkles, and other things to put you into a diabetic shock....


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