Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello Aunt Jean Ann

Writing from my Aunt and Uncle's house in New Jersy (yes the smelly state)

I stayed over night with bagel, cause my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jean ann Are pretty darn fun. Yesterday night we talked, and today we baked a cake that was kosher for passover. Which started yesterday. Which means no bread for 7 more days. Can you hear the rumble of the stomach?

Last night the sedar was at my house, Noddlebum was there to mingle with the family. That was a sight to see. No one really gave him the third degree. which was a shock, I wonder if they realize he is in college....

Not that I will tell them that xP. only if they ask.

Tonight we are at Susie and Michael's house for Sedar-which will be decidingly a lot more boring than at our house. A) because it is a tad smaller and so more claustraphobic and B) well....they tend to go out a bit more than us, which means waiting a lot longer for food (Which is admittingly better than what we serve)

I am quite excited though for the cake we baked. Chocolate fudge with whipped cream and almonds. Can you say delcious?

But, enough on food.
The carride up here was fun.
We played a name that city type game, where the last letter of a city spawns the first of the next.

New York City

You get the picture?
Twas fun :)

Oh lordy. I can smell that cake....


3 letters down
23 to go
Last song with
"Cute without the E (acostic)
and it rang in at 651

If I weren't lazy I would go back and subtract to findout how many C's I had
maybe later.

But for now, I need to show my Aunt Jean my lovely photoshoppings. because I am a braggart, and quite proud of the work I did xP

Qhy don't you question me to find out xP


Friday, April 18, 2008

-Brushes dust off-

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while-but I am assuming no one is really clicking refresh on this page so there is no point except for myself. Right? At least I am doing better with this than I have with my other ventures.

...Which ain't saying much
(Says the girl who wrote in her diary once a year)

So how have my two weeks been.
Well! Let me tell you...I don't remember a fucking thing :)
Or of note anyway.
There probably was something...but.
Its 12:30 and I don't give a hoot or holler anymore.

Oh wait!
I did do something.

I am tinkering with photoshop. Yep you non-existent ladies and gents, I make the pictures on the computers now!

Tell me what you think...all none of you.

Ipod update:
In the end o' C's.
Got past Crazy
No one to listen to the cotton eye joe with :(

I have discovered my love for windows down and volume up. Especially when classical or Disney comes on. Yessireee.

Well, Bed harkens. Hello Bed, I hark back.
Oh yes. Question me.


Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well Gosh.

Today has been interesting, watched Kill Bill with Noddlebum, got into a little tiff of a thing, and drove. A lot. And talked a lot. I am not the soul bearing sort, so yeah-an odd experience today.

So here I am, 3 am again and slaving over homework once more.
What is on the list? Drama, Social Studies, Chemistry, and English.

What have I done?
The chem, and I am in the middle of Drama.
I feel bad.

I am supposed to hang out with NB tomorrow...err, today(sun.)-and he told me to finish up work. I was suppose to have done that before I saw him on today(sat.) But I kinda really wanted to see him (Insert Awwwwwsss here) and so I didn't.

I know.
I'm a bad girl.

I worry about work though, a lot. I live on the stress...and I know I probably shouldn't be hanging out with him tomorrow, because that will mean I will be up to all hours of the night on Sunday. But fuck it. FUCK IT.

Gah. I am going to be in a suck mood, I know a shock, and I hate that. Because I don't like suck moods...they well, suck.

I know, the depth of that....just sit back and take it in. Now, doesn't that feel better?

I need to learn time management. And how to not have ADD.

So. My ipod (There goes working on the Attention Span.)


BYOB by System of the down was the last song, clocking in at 452....meaning that there are

235 B songs...more than As, really? Golly. Now I am into the C's and the journey continues.

blasted some Barry Mantilow and Disney

People on the cross walk looked at us all funny.

It was amazing.

Now back into the depthes of homework Hell.
Sleep? What is this?



Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breathing Bricks

So. I Should be studying for that editorial thing that we are finally going to write next period, or so the rumors go, but instead I am going to type about nonsensical things and try and amuse the nonexsistant masses that read this thing.

I want to start another story soon, but first I need a plot.
I've posted this elsewhere, so I should probably add it to this blog as well.

Email me, or comment me, an idea you want to see written out.
Original or for some fandoms(ask me)
Give me a prompt

Anything, Please. nothing is too much to write about and I so want the practice.

I mean, I guess I practice writing everyday, as I DO roleplay. Alot.
Speaking of which:

My roleplay website. It is a fun place, describing my rules and what I do and all that other fun stuff.

Not that anyone is going to click, so why do I bother?

I haven't eaten alot today, so my stomach has been growling audiably for the last while in a half. Maybe I can see if I can get it to sing Jingle Bells....


Bricks and Breathing were the theme of my morning ride.
She's a brick
She's a Brick House
Just breath
Breathing in your love
Ya get the picture?
I am starting to sing a lot more outloud to the songs I know. I am glad car windows are made of safty glass, or I would worry about the harm this is causing to my car.

How much fun was that today?
We are studying "Movement" So we got to walk all funky to this funky classical disco stuff.
I need to get that song. It was awesome
"Hooked on Classical."

apparently it is hard to find, but I will manage :D

I wonder what we are going to do with it tomrrow? All I know is that half the class, including myself, worked up a sweat during the process. So I feel bad for the general population of the school, for I don't know how many of my fellow drama-ites use deodorant, or deodorant that actually WORKS.

Ah. BO. Lovely, lovely BO.

Fuckkkk. I am Hungry. Guess JJ and I are going out to Lunch today! Woot.

Now Onto the Questions:


Why am I shocked?
Oh wait. I'm not.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boredom in a nutshell

Golly golly golly golly golly

That is all I have to say.
Really, life is suck right now and I don't know why. I am aching, count that, ACHING with boredom. Enough so that I am seriously thinking about doing homework, DRAMA homework. I mean come on, how desperate can you get?

Speaking of Drama. I got into the show. Oh boy.
I am an Audience/observer thingy in "The Sneeze" AND
I am understudying the Assistant in the second Act. For get this"
Her: Black
Me: Short

...Oh yeah. This is going to work out SPLENDIDLY.

Ah well, Sal seems to know what he is talking about...right?

Wow. I need to get a life, for real, instead of spending Ninth period babbling on like a brook.
I could write a story, again, but my muse is currently sleeping.
Maybe I can start on my Onde novel-eh?

Oh wait. I still need to decide how I am going to write that fucker.

I wanna write though, about something.
Other than about sitting here and doing nothing. Which seems to be the usual topic...

So what is goin' on with the Crazy Box o music?
Well this morning (because I forgot the commentary I had from this weekend)

-Two Words: Techno Bagpipes
-I have braveheart on my ipod SIX TIMES. God damn, WHY? I haven't even seen the movie :X
-Pop is Fun
-This is the life Bo Bo Bo Bo
-Queen twice in one ride: life is NICE.

Now finally I ask:


Or creative writing prompts?
Pretty Please.
With sugar on top, and ice cream, and cherries, and sprinkles, and other things to put you into a diabetic shock....