Monday, March 17, 2008


So strike is about to start and I am doing props. Lovely.

I am up to 137 on the ipod line, a lot more songs-yeah I know specific again.

Korn should never cover Pink Floyd. Ever. (another brick in the wall)

One of my friends who I reconned from was like "LOVE MY IPOD. lol." When only one of three songs were hers. Bitch. Music protective much? Dunno why.

How am I only up to An?

Singing along to rent is fun (another day)
what ev.

So yes. Strike. getting rid of the set and such. I am going to be nice and help props, because I like to organize.

Lets hope I remember to do my hours. kinda need to write those down...

Tech nights (prop runs)
now strike.
(My own list. don't mind this...who ever you are)

Kinda hoping my sister calls me mad that I took her car so that I can leave early. I didn't realize I had taken her car until halfway through first period., when I was like "Shit. Sam is coming home today..." Kinda need to clean it out.

I put in 5 gallons of gas. (half a tank now) So sam. If you read this, know I am sorry.

Add on: Ya ha. I gotta question. From Rob. Hello Rob.

Question: Why are you so beautiful?
Answer: Either your eyes are broken, or the blood of virgins really does work.

and to the rest of you none existent people:


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