Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So doing the food diary thing on a blog.
Tis fun.

Lets see exactly how much food I eat. I plan to make it more specific than just writing out a list of foodstuffs though. Add calories, etc. Maybe I will do the fiber count, and protein, and if I do weight watchers points

and If I want to get real serious. I will measure my poo to see how much stays in my body o.O

Sad thing is. People actually do that. Sad. sad. sad.

I have to do an editorial for English. Two in fact.

The last one is about a month late..I should go about getting that done...
hell I should go about finding articles for it. Like for real.

Its on war.
Just argue a part about war.
Mine is "The largest driving force in war is economy."

Now to find articles supporting that.

The next one is for tomorrow
and thats on the campaign
...Vote for Obama?

Dunno really.
Tis suckkkk

And SAT prep tonight too! Nice and boring. >.>
But my teacher is cool. We found out we are both on the same forum which is sweet.
Especially cause the forum is nuts.

Some of you probably no what I am talking about.
But for the sake of Rules 1 &2 I speak no further.

There is the bell.


hopefully he forgets about that...


He didn't forget the essay. Poo.

But no editorial tomorrow, so I have the mini-march break to get articles. Hot damn.

On another note, my car's battery died. Just went kaput, I wonder what I left on...I pressed all the buttons and such later to make sure everything is off. I hope that means it will survive the night, or I no get to school :x

Thank god for landscapers or I would still be there trying to figure what the hell to do. They jumped Big Red for me. So the beast lives again.

A man also helped me with recyclables. I earned...5.10$. I was gonna give him a dollar ro two but he disappeared. ah well. Guess I need to return a good deed.
Which is why I donated the money to Cancer :D

Plus 25 dollars More. Cause I am the awesome, and cause my cousin cut her hair for it.

More from me tomorrow. I bet you can't wait, you nonexistent masochistic fools



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