Sunday, March 16, 2008



I have an ipod. (As do most people in this day and age, but work with me here.)
It has 4150 songs on it.
of which I know...500? 1000 maybe.

How did this come about? Well when my first ipod, George, decided to die-leaving me with no music, I turned to my friends and sister to give me music, going to take songs I had before.

Of course laziness kicked in, and after clicking through their libraries-I just dumped it all with the words. 'Eh. I will go through it later."

Of course, as things go, later never came.

So I had double my original library, and no where to go.

When Lucy (ipod number 2) went to the great electronic heaven in the sky, I was in the same situation. So I repeated the process, except with more friends-who also had bigger libraries. my list of songs continued to grow.

To the point that Scotty-Ann, my lovely 30 gB ipod, is now full. And I realize later must come now.

But I just think: What am I going to delete? How will I know if I like a song or not if I have never listened to it?

So I am going to listen to them. All of them. From A-Z. It will probably take years, due to the sheer amount, but it should be fun right...right?

Well if you consider I have Hebrew rap, German pop, hip hop, Enya, Rock.....

you get the picture?

The venture started last week, and I am about 100 songs in. So this will be a quick run down, the rest hopefully will be more specific as I talk about my life (Not that anyone is reading this)

-The people who I drive seem okay with the idea. Though the faces they pull on some of the songs is FUN.

-After about 30 songs with the word "All" In it, I now hate the word.

-Conversation stops when a choir of ten year old boys start singing hebrew to a bad "we're hip" beat.

-Of all of my songs that start with "American" The most patriotic is "American Honky Tonk Bar association." which is more about hill billy pride...and less about the country. Well. Thats okay.

-I have decided that if I have two songs in a row, due to repeats, I am allowed to skip. decided after TATU's, "All the things she said." (Russian version) appeared twice. NOT COOL.

So my adventure continues. I feel my culture expanding and my braincells degrading. At least for a while I can look forward to not hearing the same old music, and become surprised at what I have been carrying around for all this time.

109 down.

Still accepting questions. ASK GOD DAMN YOU.

And if this blog has caused your IQ to drop by 40 points, I am so sorry.


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