Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Foregoing sleep

its 3:22 AM

and I am STIIL procrastinating on homework. Crazy I know

I am finally in that calm state, to do things, its weird. My body is tired-but my mind is there. I have been waiting for that ALL day. So I can get my fucking work done.

but nope, it had to wait until I have to get for school in another 4 hours.
So no sleep for me.
I am going to treat myself to a bagel and coffee though.

I love being alone in the house at night

Ipod update:

-musicking to homework is profitable!
-song 217 was the last of the A's. "Aye Tarona" Which is probably titled incorrectly anyway.
-Up to 318 "Beverly Hills"
-I like avenged sevenfold. I got two of their songs. I liked it. Nice rocky feel.

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