Sunday, March 16, 2008


I actually went back and proofread my posts, taking away typos. As my English teacher would say, that makes it less "Organic." Well, Poo Poo to him.

Yesterday was the closing of "Annie Get Your Gun." our school musical.
God that felt weird to write.
That went much to fast for my taste, and it is hard to believe I enjoyed myself-but I did.
I really and truly did.

The cast was great, as was my co management (I was an ASM)
Ah shit. At least there is next year, right?

No one has asked questions yet. And I am trying to figure out how to get a counter on the bottom of my page so that I can see exactly how many people are NOT reading this. Probably the only time it will go up is when I update. Ha.

Thats fun.

Anywho, I am going to spruce the place up a bit, for me once again. AND I am going to stop saying sorry for writing, because really. If you have gotten this far, you must be masochistic. So I will let you go along with your pleasure.


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Lord Fluffy said...

actually I believe what you meant is masochistic, not sadistic. and I am dating you, aren't I? so i think we already knew about my masochistic tendencies. :D

Yes you have readership, im just lazy about commenting. I have subscribed to your blog's RSS feed so i don't even have to log in to get your entry. So there!

Question 1: Why are you so beautiful?