Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know I am going to sound a bit holier than thou right now. Pretensious and all that shit, but I need to say it: I am so above highschool.


These boys. They just have these vacent stares, and their volcabulary consists of maybe ten words. I am expecting them to just start drooling, and dragging their knuckles. Volume control is an unknown thing, and Tact? God. They lack it to a scary level.

The girls aren't much better.
I didn't know spray cans came equipped with cloth, because that is how it looks like they dressed. Just painted clothes on for how tight they are, and than ran out of paint midway through for how much skin is showing.

And I don't care how much you spent on sunglasses. I got mine at walmart for 5$. To use them for the purpose they were meant know? The sun. Not the classroom.

And if I wanted furry things on my feet, I wouldn't drop 100 dollars for a pair of boots I can't wear in the rain. I would stick my foot up a squirrl's ass.


and the conversation:
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo popular!!!!!


Is anyone up for renting a warehouse, locking all these people inside and torching it in a fit of joy?

I am.


Questions. Please.
(to the nonexsistant people out there)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Foregoing sleep

its 3:22 AM

and I am STIIL procrastinating on homework. Crazy I know

I am finally in that calm state, to do things, its weird. My body is tired-but my mind is there. I have been waiting for that ALL day. So I can get my fucking work done.

but nope, it had to wait until I have to get for school in another 4 hours.
So no sleep for me.
I am going to treat myself to a bagel and coffee though.

I love being alone in the house at night

Ipod update:

-musicking to homework is profitable!
-song 217 was the last of the A's. "Aye Tarona" Which is probably titled incorrectly anyway.
-Up to 318 "Beverly Hills"
-I like avenged sevenfold. I got two of their songs. I liked it. Nice rocky feel.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Haven't posted in a while.

Why? Dunno. Not like this break has been extraordinarily busy. All I have been doing really is hanging around, getting more Role play buddies, palling around with Rob (henceforth he shall be known as Noddlebum) and my cousin (Bagel) . Oh yes, and I have also been doing a splendid job on procrastinating on my homework. I found this game where you mix drinks online. Yep. I ROCK.

So yes.
I didn't really progress on the ipod front.
I am up to "Ar" Song. 176.

I am listening to it currently. The song is "Ariel" by Dan Friedman.

I choreographed a routine to that song once to try out and be the choreographer for my 8th grade musical....CAN YOU SAY LOSER?

I can.
In a few languages actually :D

I know. Special.

God. I am in a funk.
Dunno why either.

Maybe some questions will cheer me up, huh?


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

9th period

god this sucks.

So, tomorrow is the first day of vacation and I have ninth period off, which means that technically I could just leave now and forget about school (Except for the lovly break assignments >.>) for the next six days. But no. I have to stay for strike like a good little drama girl. I could not be in less of a mood to throw around wood and nearly kill myself time and time again.

Worst of all I have to wait an hour and a half before I can do it. Well, now just a hour-but still. There is no mail for me to check, I don't think I can proofread my story one more time, and I am not in the mood to start anything new. I tried to be studious and do my chem homework, but that totally flopped in a big ball of flames. I got part of the first section done. Oh boy. Maybe I will even be good and not leave most of it for tuesday night.

well...I'll try >.>


so fucking bored. really. I mean. If I had some questions to answer, that would be good-but oh wait, no one reads this damned thing so why do I even try?

Well. At least I don't have to wait for the bus in the rain, though I am going to have to go out to my car soon enough to pull it around. And my jeans just dried from this morning too...poo :(


I am going to go see how many pokes it takes to a JJ before he reacts.

I forgot to count.

JJ tells me 7

Isn't this fun?



Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So doing the food diary thing on a blog.
Tis fun.

Lets see exactly how much food I eat. I plan to make it more specific than just writing out a list of foodstuffs though. Add calories, etc. Maybe I will do the fiber count, and protein, and if I do weight watchers points

and If I want to get real serious. I will measure my poo to see how much stays in my body o.O

Sad thing is. People actually do that. Sad. sad. sad.

I have to do an editorial for English. Two in fact.

The last one is about a month late..I should go about getting that done...
hell I should go about finding articles for it. Like for real.

Its on war.
Just argue a part about war.
Mine is "The largest driving force in war is economy."

Now to find articles supporting that.

The next one is for tomorrow
and thats on the campaign
...Vote for Obama?

Dunno really.
Tis suckkkk

And SAT prep tonight too! Nice and boring. >.>
But my teacher is cool. We found out we are both on the same forum which is sweet.
Especially cause the forum is nuts.

Some of you probably no what I am talking about.
But for the sake of Rules 1 &2 I speak no further.

There is the bell.


hopefully he forgets about that...


He didn't forget the essay. Poo.

But no editorial tomorrow, so I have the mini-march break to get articles. Hot damn.

On another note, my car's battery died. Just went kaput, I wonder what I left on...I pressed all the buttons and such later to make sure everything is off. I hope that means it will survive the night, or I no get to school :x

Thank god for landscapers or I would still be there trying to figure what the hell to do. They jumped Big Red for me. So the beast lives again.

A man also helped me with recyclables. I earned...5.10$. I was gonna give him a dollar ro two but he disappeared. ah well. Guess I need to return a good deed.
Which is why I donated the money to Cancer :D

Plus 25 dollars More. Cause I am the awesome, and cause my cousin cut her hair for it.

More from me tomorrow. I bet you can't wait, you nonexistent masochistic fools



Monday, March 17, 2008


So strike is about to start and I am doing props. Lovely.

I am up to 137 on the ipod line, a lot more songs-yeah I know specific again.

Korn should never cover Pink Floyd. Ever. (another brick in the wall)

One of my friends who I reconned from was like "LOVE MY IPOD. lol." When only one of three songs were hers. Bitch. Music protective much? Dunno why.

How am I only up to An?

Singing along to rent is fun (another day)
what ev.

So yes. Strike. getting rid of the set and such. I am going to be nice and help props, because I like to organize.

Lets hope I remember to do my hours. kinda need to write those down...

Tech nights (prop runs)
now strike.
(My own list. don't mind this...who ever you are)

Kinda hoping my sister calls me mad that I took her car so that I can leave early. I didn't realize I had taken her car until halfway through first period., when I was like "Shit. Sam is coming home today..." Kinda need to clean it out.

I put in 5 gallons of gas. (half a tank now) So sam. If you read this, know I am sorry.

Add on: Ya ha. I gotta question. From Rob. Hello Rob.

Question: Why are you so beautiful?
Answer: Either your eyes are broken, or the blood of virgins really does work.

and to the rest of you none existent people:


Sunday, March 16, 2008


I actually went back and proofread my posts, taking away typos. As my English teacher would say, that makes it less "Organic." Well, Poo Poo to him.

Yesterday was the closing of "Annie Get Your Gun." our school musical.
God that felt weird to write.
That went much to fast for my taste, and it is hard to believe I enjoyed myself-but I did.
I really and truly did.

The cast was great, as was my co management (I was an ASM)
Ah shit. At least there is next year, right?

No one has asked questions yet. And I am trying to figure out how to get a counter on the bottom of my page so that I can see exactly how many people are NOT reading this. Probably the only time it will go up is when I update. Ha.

Thats fun.

Anywho, I am going to spruce the place up a bit, for me once again. AND I am going to stop saying sorry for writing, because really. If you have gotten this far, you must be masochistic. So I will let you go along with your pleasure.




I have an ipod. (As do most people in this day and age, but work with me here.)
It has 4150 songs on it.
of which I know...500? 1000 maybe.

How did this come about? Well when my first ipod, George, decided to die-leaving me with no music, I turned to my friends and sister to give me music, going to take songs I had before.

Of course laziness kicked in, and after clicking through their libraries-I just dumped it all with the words. 'Eh. I will go through it later."

Of course, as things go, later never came.

So I had double my original library, and no where to go.

When Lucy (ipod number 2) went to the great electronic heaven in the sky, I was in the same situation. So I repeated the process, except with more friends-who also had bigger libraries. my list of songs continued to grow.

To the point that Scotty-Ann, my lovely 30 gB ipod, is now full. And I realize later must come now.

But I just think: What am I going to delete? How will I know if I like a song or not if I have never listened to it?

So I am going to listen to them. All of them. From A-Z. It will probably take years, due to the sheer amount, but it should be fun right...right?

Well if you consider I have Hebrew rap, German pop, hip hop, Enya, Rock.....

you get the picture?

The venture started last week, and I am about 100 songs in. So this will be a quick run down, the rest hopefully will be more specific as I talk about my life (Not that anyone is reading this)

-The people who I drive seem okay with the idea. Though the faces they pull on some of the songs is FUN.

-After about 30 songs with the word "All" In it, I now hate the word.

-Conversation stops when a choir of ten year old boys start singing hebrew to a bad "we're hip" beat.

-Of all of my songs that start with "American" The most patriotic is "American Honky Tonk Bar association." which is more about hill billy pride...and less about the country. Well. Thats okay.

-I have decided that if I have two songs in a row, due to repeats, I am allowed to skip. decided after TATU's, "All the things she said." (Russian version) appeared twice. NOT COOL.

So my adventure continues. I feel my culture expanding and my braincells degrading. At least for a while I can look forward to not hearing the same old music, and become surprised at what I have been carrying around for all this time.

109 down.

Still accepting questions. ASK GOD DAMN YOU.

And if this blog has caused your IQ to drop by 40 points, I am so sorry.


Friday, March 14, 2008



Why not!



So tired.

Whoever invented AP Chem should be shot. I mean, yeah, I know I should have done these before-but I didn't have time. What with Shiva, and assistant stage managing and yeah-excuses. Poo.


Happy PI day

To all right. no one.

Not even 3.14159265358979323846264338327......yeah you get the picture. Well no you don't. For you don't exist.

Question offer still up. Ask away! Please... and oh yes

if these words make your head implode, I am so sorry.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ah whoops

Number two

I can't believe I actually remembered I have this thing. Ninth period and avoiding homework though Chem is calling my name. It is easy shit no doubt, but tedious as all hell.

My grandfather died a week ago.
Yep thats a good way to start off a sentence. Right out of the blue and a slap to the face.
not sure how I am dealing with it, both very emotional, and at the same time not at all.

It fucking sucks. I can tell you that much.

It makes me want to write more though. Dun know why. So I guess I will be posting my lovely rambling thoughts more often, no?
not that people will be reading. I swear it. If I get a comment I will melt into a pile of giddy.

For one, no one has reason to read this. I have not a clue what I will be going on about, but it is nice to have an outlet onto the internet.

Ask me questions. I will answer them.

That will be my gimmick.

yes I know. random and thrown out.

But for serious. Send me to shit to answer, advice, or what not. And I will try and answer them as best as I can.

Not sure how. But it will happen. That will be my challenge

And once again. If you have come upon this blog, and your eyes were burned out by these words. I am so sorry.