Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And the verdict is in....

Ladies and gents. I got the letter two days ago, and I am proud to say that I am a member of Brandeis' class of 2013 :D.

It really is very, very awesome and I am just so darn happy and relieved. its like, there goes a huge weight right off my shoulders. I can finally fucking relax!
Except for the two outlines I have due friday
The three tests I have that day-and oh yeah, the rest of the school year.

You know, I am supposed to have Senioritis now. I am supposed to kick back, relax, and flip the bird to anyone who tells me to do work. I just can't see myself doing that though, as much as I would love to-I still care about grades too much. Ah well, it was a nice thought while it lasted-eh?

God. Its just so wierd still.
I'm in college
I am going to 18 in two days
Its like okay: time to grow up now! But I just want to hang on tight, and not look forward
I'm not quite ready for the real world yet, and despite my "plans" and my "dreams" I have no clue where I am going to end up 20 years from now.
Will I be dead in an alley somewhere?
Will I have sold my soul and become a lawyer?
Will I be a not quite so content teacher?
A best selling author? on my way to being president? in jail? part of a cult? What. What. What!!!

I know what my ideals are, and I know I am too much of a realist to see them through
I know what I want, but I don't know if the world wants me where I want. I mean, I would love to be a famous author-but will they actually like what I write? I can hope, but that means nothing in the long run.

I don't know if I will laugh or cry over this post in ten years time, or if I will even be around to see it.
I hate speculation. It sucks, yet it would suck even more if I knew all the answers.

I guess I will have to be content with the news of my admission (Which is freakin awesome by the way, I am so walking on air right now) and hope Brandeis trully and really is the college of my dreams.

Also. I hope that if I ever do become President, I have awesome Dodgeball skills like Dubya. I may dislike the man, but you have to admit that he had some matrix like action going on...

Actually thinking about the Bush and the Matrix together kinda freaks me out
Agent Smith anyone?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm gonna 'Splode

What? Andrea Procrasinating again? Blasphemy!

Alas Ladies and gents, it is true. I have been sitting here for the last two hours doing absolutely nothing and at the same time, finding every asinine website that exists and browsing through it. Its like an addiction, and it sucks. I really need to learn to break the habit.
Once I finish this post.

So this weekend should be...interesting. I am going to this thespian conference thing. I have no desire to attend, but there I go. On friday I will be boarding a bus to go to good ole Connecticut and pretend I can act or something like that. Hopefully I will meet someone cool, make some friends, that type of Shiznat-but with my social skills, the prospect of that is well...slim.

At least I will have my blackberry, which is my second addiction in life. I mean, I can live without it-but having email at my fingertips is a blessing. Now, if only I can get better games :P

Now onto two sorta big topics of my life right now:
1) My birthday.

HOLY FUCK! Ima gonna be 18. Do you know how sick nasty that is? I mean, I can remember being 13 and sitting on my mom's bed and saying things like. OOOO in five years I will be 18. I'm going to be in college. Isn't it weird. And mom would be like : Don't rush your life away.

Its something I didn't understand there, and now I am looking for the brakes. God, I wonder how people thirty and older feel? I really don't want to think about it. But ya 12 years...I will have a job, and maybe a family....and oooooo

I don't even feel 18.
I mean, I feel mature and all that shiznat. I can hold my own with adults in conversation, and I like to think of myself as above the whole highschool thang (While also secretly recognizing my imersion in it. Mer). But I mean, my sister seemed so much...well..."Cooler" than I feel right now. Maybe because she was in college on her birthday? But still..
I think I look like I am 15, so this should be interesting. Is my life gonna change dramatically? Probs not. I hate when people put big expectations on things.

Oh, and speaking of 18 and college:


To Brandeis that is. I applied Early Decision, and I am super duper nervous. I will find out December 15th if:
I got in
I got deferred
Or my application is currently on a compost heap.

I am 90% sure I got in. I mean. My average is a 96.1, I am ranked 33 in the school, and I am taking 5 aps. I got a 1390 on the old SATs, and I think I rocked the Interview. My teachers say both my essay and Personal Statement were good, and I have a lot of extra activities.
But you never know. I don't know who I am in the pool, or if the person on admissions was having a particularly bad day or something.

At this point I just wanna know. Well, this is a total lie. I'm trying to play it off like I don't care either way-but in reality I think I will be devastated if I don't get in. I mean, I'm not used to failure and I fell in love with the school. But it doesn't matter how much I want it, but rather if they want me.

Another worry I have is other schools if I don't get in. I have been sitting on my other applications, waiting on Brandeis's answer. I mean I don't wanna waste money on application fees if I don't have too.

I am full of this nervous energy. It randomly bursts out, like I will run upstairs or just dance around for a moment. Its like this tight knot in my chest and I just wanna break it. I think the worst thing to happen is if I got waitlisted-cause that means waiting even longer, and I think I will go insane.

Or well-more so than I already am. I feel like a ticking boom, and I just wanna scream. It is totally suck, and at the same time totally rocking. I can't concentrate. (Which makes the whole procrastination thing worse.) Another bad thing:
Writing hasn't releaved the pain, which is a new thing. Writing always makes things better-and yet, I had to force myself to RP today. I NEVER have to do that. Its scary. I think I need to...I dunno. Any suggestions? That would be lovely. From anyone who is reading (If they have even reached this point without sobbing) Please do drop me a hint or something before I see how nice a padded room would be.

I am going to go hit my head against a wall or something. Or maybe my keyboard.
bn bn bn nb nb nb nb nb mn nb b bv vb/

Ow. Also harder than it seemed because my chair is higher than my desk.
It makes me feel tall, okay?


Monday, December 1, 2008


I just saw the number on my counter, and I know only like thirty of those are me-which means over one hundred people (Unless one person actually came to read this thing more than once. ha) have looked at this blog.

My only comment is condolence, and I promise to pay your medical bill if my words made your eyes implode.


I hate Turkey. I mean, cold cut turkey is delcious but the thanksgiving version? No thank you. But that is what I have been eating for the last four days and it makes me want to cry. I didn't even get to break one wishbone, which is so uncool.

My wish:
Make turkeys 100 % dark meat.
That would be friggin sweet

Oh dear! That is the bell. I should really leave myself more than five minutes to write these things. Will write more.
Again, I am so sorry! I know I said I wouldn't apolidgize anymore, but I think it is quite neccersary at this point.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life? huh?wha?

It is funny how painful boredom can be. It is just on that line of discomfort, and it totally sucks.
At 17 years old-I have no life.
Yesiree, I am going to be 18 in a month-and I have NO life what so ever. My schedule goes as follows:
1.wake up

Exciting, no?
I want to scream and do something with my life. I mean, come on-that is the workings of someone who is depressed-and I like to think of myself as a somewhat happy person, and yet here I am doing a routine that makes me want to cry. I look forward to school, and I ache for college where...I dunno-a life will magically appear? More than likely not.

The sad part is-I don't know what to do to fix it. For the last few months I was in a show, so that gave me something to do, but for the next six months I will have nothing after school. But, the friends I have from school will be either in the show, or because they have no life, such as myself, they spend their time playing video games, working, or smoking pot.

I spend too much time on the computer already, I have too much schoolwork to get a job outside of my mother's office (where I work now), and I do not want to resort to drugs for entertainment. I am not particularly interested in any sport, or club offered at the school and that won't really help me on the weekends. Which is where I am stuck now, again. With nothing to do.

I think I will go visit my cousin at work, which hey-will at least get me outside.But I want a more permanent solution.

I think I may find a pet shelter to volunteer at. That could be fun, though I worry about what I will do with schoolwork. Actually do it in a timely fashion? Maybe-though that makes me cringe. Really, I am the most Lazy Ambitious person out there.

I am going to go and try running on the treadmill for a bit, that will at least leave me active, if still bored.

Any suggestions out there? And questions :) Answering questions will give me something to do :P


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stargate Convention

Okay. So. If you thought I was an uber-nerd before, I think I just topped all expectations.
For my 17th birthday last year, my mom got me tickets to a stargate convention, and this weekend I went.

Yes ladies and gents, I went to a real life sci-fi convention and I LIKED IT.
In fact I could even say I loved it.

To tell you the truth I wasn't expecting much. I mean, there were six actors that showed up who played various characters on SG1 and SGA, and I knew the characters they played-but I never expected to really connect them to real life people. Also, I was afraid of who I may meet there. I mean, my mom gets pretty crazy over TV-that times 200 people? that was looking to be trouble.

When we arrived there though, I found myself indoctrinated. Apparently I fascinated the masses, don't know why-but people seemed to like me, and I liked them. We talked, and I attempted to get the crowd on my side on bid so the price would stay in my range.(I wanted to get a SGA banner-they were going for like 100-200$ though. One sold for 1250$ which even shocked the shit out of the man who had just paid 450$ for an autographed picture of Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. So yeah, me no get one).

The events were fun. Each day followed roughly the same pattern: two actors. photo ops. Signings. sprinking of auctions, music videos, and trivia.

The first day we saw Gary Jones and Dan Shea. Gary was a riot, and Shea was high on something-or needs ridolin. Or both

2nd day was: Kavan Smith and Chuck Campbell-both were funny, and Kavan was smokingggggg

3rd day was: David Nykl...the good doctor. He was HELLA funny, and we chatted a bit at the autograph signing. I told him I got the Cehkoff reference.

And the Best part of Sunday....
(be still my beating heart)

Every now and than ia llow myself to be a 17 year old girl, and this man makes me wanna squee like a teenager at a boyband concert. He plays Ronon Dex on SGA and goooddddd is he is ever Hot. I got to take two pictures with him, and listen to him talk and play guitar and sat next to him at breakfast. I am one happy girl let me tell you that.

I also bought some merchandise. Or rather my mom bought me merchnadise.

Me? I am just thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.

And I know this post makes no sense, as I am dead tired-and I have my mind on hw, and happiness.

Maybe I will add and rearrange later.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm procrastinating again. I'm sure all of you have gotten used to this theme.

It isn't 2 am though, so at least I have that going for me, and I have been doing some form of homework since I got home from being in a play last night at 11 pm, so hot diggity for me. I was able to finish a psych outline, and now I am onto the research paper.

A paper we have had a month to do, but I have only started tonight. Whoops.
Usually I am better...well no, scratch that. Thats a lie. Well, usaully I will start the research a day or so in advance so I am not fucked over like I am in this situation.

there is NOTHING on Stephen Biegun on the internet that I have been able to find easily, or at least not much. I have no idea how I am suppose to write about him. I mean, McCain foreign policy advisor? Come onnnnnn

At least after this week there will be no more show and I will be free. I even finished my Brandeis Ap today. Now all I need to do is send it in, which should be plently fun.
Ermmmm what else?
God. I am so unimaginative today.
I am in a play
I play the gentlewoman in Macbeth
I have ten lines and get to be on stage at the same time as Lady Macbeth, who is sick.

So far I haven't fucked up to badly which is nice. I want to hurt my teacher, but that is a story for another day.

Okay. I am done. I need to get back to work. Cassy tells me so.
I need to go scream loudly.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Quantifying you all

I love heating pads and caffeine. They make my life complete at times. They make the pain go away, and the need for sleep until I have to crash.

I am in a bit of a muddle. My uncle had a heart attack. He's fine but...its like: What about my dad? What id it happens again? What would happen if it had been bad? How would I react? My cousin is like my sister. What could I do for her?

its...its odd. Its made my ehad screwy and made my homework even harder to do than usual.
Hence the reason I am writing at 1 am and not slaving over the books. I really need to get cracking though. I have quite a bit to do before six am.

Math Ditto
Political Analysis
Eating my own Face
College look-ups
Jane Eyre analysis

I think I may go in late so I can put the Jane Eyre stuff off. In fact I think I will
I could also put the politcal analysis off, but I like the teacher a lot so I will do it to hand in after school. I am going to do the math stuff fourth, and the attempt to do some college stuff tonight. the DBQ though? Well..smestad doesn't charge for I guess that is a project for tomorow

Can yall tell I do the procrastination thing? I really need to stop. It is REALLY hurting my life
My sleep schedule is messed up. My social life is messed up. I just..I need to stop. Its just hard ya know? I need to be alone to work, but when I get home from school my mom has her worker bee over. I could try doing my work in my room, but the computer there really really sucks. I want a laptop, but I need to wait for college. I am hoping for Noddlebum's old one. lets see how that works out.

Fuck my stomach hurts. I wanna curl in a ball somewhere.

Have you all seen my new toy? It counts you all Mahahahahaha

really it will just count how many times I press refresh....probs...

Oh shut up you.
yes you.

I also found a new obsession. Yahoo! Answers, so I can get my answering need out of my system

alll you non-questioners out there
-waggles finger-

But that doesn't mean you can't post a question to me...I promise I won't bite
Unless asked too of course

Okay. HW now. Gonna write about the VP debate
Or maybe throw up..


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Okay. So I am a bit of a nerd.

I am guessing you have figured this out already, but hey-I like to state the obvious.
Anywho. I like my webcomics. I read quite a number of them, but me and my infinite wisdom keep forgetting which ones I do read. So like, 3 monthes will go by and than BAM:

Oh lordy! ThatcomicIread! I haven't read it in like 3 monthes. I like that comic! How can I have forgotten its exsistence?!?

Of course. There are also those comics which I read and like, and for some reason I purposely don't look em up. I wanna story to build a bit so I am not always waiting.

Lately, I have found I have been going through the alphabet on my browser in order to make sure I remember to get to all my comics. Instead, I have come up with a plan of just throwing up a list so I can just get to them from there. Bookmarking them would probably be easier, bookmarks are a mess do to browser changing and I don't want to too reorganize the pile.

So here are the comics I enjoy.
click on them if you wish :D

Cyanide and Happiness
Friendly Hostility
Gunnerkrigg Court
Least I Could Do
Marry Me
No Pink Ponies
Questionable Content
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
The Book of Biff
The Dreamer

And there you go!
I may have some more, and I know I have read others that I have lost along the way-also...if you want, you can tell me about others and I will add them to the list!

have a good night, happy browsing and remember:



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Economy: Explain this to me?

I just finished a cup of coffee so my stomach hurts and I am beginning to get wired so I can start and hopefully finish my homework before it is due. Which would be nice. But I want to get something out of my system before I settle down to the tedious work, cause it takes a lot to get my blood boiling but I think the American Gov't has managed to achieve it.

Lets take a look at our economy:

As all third graders and above should know, America runs on a free market system. Supply and Demand rules the roost and it is every man for himself to make a profit. Greed serves the community and the system balances itself out. This seems all well and good on paper, and hell-even in real life but there is something Adam Smith missed when he first brought the idea of capitalism to the world. That is unearned income.

What is it exactly? It is income that is made by not giving back to the system. Earned income means that something is sold, a product is being put into use and the company gets the money so more products can be made. Money from the system is being recycled into the system, which is how the system balances. With unearned income, interest from a bank or from the stock market, money is being earned outside the system. With stocks, the company isn't getting the money when stocks rise, all that is happening is paper is being exchanged. No money is going into the system, which causes an unbalance.

What happens when an unbalanced tower gets to big? CRASH.

It happened in 1929, cause people were spending money they didn't have and because stock prices got inflated on nothing. The bubble burst and things came toppling. You would think people would learn from the past, but no...and now the same thing is happening all over again.

Good by Fannie and Freddie, ta ta Lehman brothers and Bear Sterns.

Now, this is aggravating enough-but what the government is doing in response to this is what is getting me really, really ticked off.

80 billion dollars to AIG, 700 billion to be distributed to other floundering companies. The golden parachute, the bailout. These companies screwed up, they screwed over investors, they let out bad loans, and let the bubble get much to big. They unbalanced the economy, and now they need the government to help them out. These big ole rich companies.

What about the worker? What about the homeless? What about the people who are kicked out of their homes due to bad debt and unemployment? What about those living on food stamps? people who are barely making morgage? the everyday investor whom are losing thousands over the stock market crash? The thousands of workers who are going to get laid off? why doesn't 700 billion go to them? Why does it go to the companies that fucked up?

Can someone please explain this to me? I mean, it doesn't make any sense at all! Than again, we are talking about the gov't but...come on! Why does the average american have to let their tax money go to these giants? Isn't it better spent on internal improvement? Isn't it better going to the people who were screwed over and not to those that screwed up?

I mean open your eyes people, look to the past. Big business has done nothing but fuck this country over in the past. The people don't benefit, the politicians and bussiness men do! Isn't it our country? Our money? Why the hell does a family have to worry about food when the government can spare hundreds of billions of dollars to a corperation?

I know I am only a teenager, and there are other forces in play-but I can't see them. Can anyone else? Please, please explain it to me if you do see them. Until than, all I can do is eye Canada in some sort of envy.

Screw the companies, give the money to the people. So they can consume, and get the money back into the system so it can balance itself. Stop pandering to the wealthy politicians, look to the people you promised to help. I can't wait to see how karma plays out in this. God damn.

I am going to try and do homework now, but I am still mad. Who wouldn't be?
Excuse me while I beat my head against a wall.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh Golly, here I go again with the not updating the blog. i plan to get better at this, I really and trully do. I am still impressed with myself for only going two monthes, and not a whole damned year without posting.

Note: It has been hard to post. I mean camp, finding a computer for long enough to think and not have people looking over your shoulder and distracting you is amazingly difficult, and than coming home, I had homework, and Aruba, and school and yeah.

So now I am going to try and do a short summary of the last two monthes. But where to begin? Probably from Camp. Yes that will do.

I believe I was still in the middle of the machon bit of the summer when I last posted. Since that point we went on a white water rafting trip, which was AMAZING. (Crab Apple in Massachusetts, look it up. they have good brownies) and we learned lots of new things from Rabbi Circman, and from Eliron. Who none of you know, and that is fine. I also got to see my friends, Shelly, Deb and Mike, and Zi and oh fuck I lose and yeah.

We also got our assignments, and I felt damned honored for what they did for me. They gave me my first two choices, which was damned hectic, and amazing at the first time.

1. K'tanim (7-8 year old) campers that stay 2 weeks each. All of them were lovely, even the brats of the bunch and I miss them so much. I hope they all grow up well and love Eisner as much as I did: I am gonna feel a bit creepy right now and write their names out so I don't forget. I don't want to forget the summer at all so:

first session

second session

I can't believe I remembered them all.

Also, my coworkers:
Jenna, Jena, Leann, Carly, Marrisa, Maddy

2. K'tanim was fun..but not as much fun as Video. Gosh that was an experience. I told them I wanted to help, Sivan, the video specialist cause she was my friend and I had some experience. i thought I was going to be regulated to capturing and filing and such-but nope, they handed me baby and Marian (3 ccd lovlies that always broke) and told me to go forth. I got to learn to edit, how to stay up to 4 am, how to beat out music-and how to have fun. I enjoyed every moment of it. Every hectic, 50th, macabia, annoucement, dinner, prayer, evening program, walking across camp moment.

But enough about camp, it was awesome and I am pretty sure I want to go back but I am home now, and unfortunately we must sink ourselves in reality. Before I do that though, I must get one last taste of summer.

Its funny, I originally didn't wanna go. I was worried about homework, being at the beach where I was sure to fry and of course-the plane. But it really was not bad, in fact I would even go as far as to say it was great. We went on a jeep ride over mountains, where I got to practice spanish, and we went snorkeling. We got to lay around, and go shopping and I bought this BEAUTIFUL box and saw others, made with mopa mopa, and if I ever go back I will have to get some more. I also got on a horse and went to this amazing beach, and we ate. A lot. Which was awesome.

I also choose to forget the draggy boat ride. Bleh.

I stayed up extra late to do my Psych homework, and I got more music for my ipod from Noddlebum and Sivan( Video Vixen) and I am debating dropping my quest, as i lost what song I was on and my new music mussed everything up. I also am thinking about getting a new ipod, and I want to start that out with just music I like :P who knows. It was a fun endeavor, but eh...

Now I am at school, and I have about five minutes left before I have to run.
Before I go, I wanna give my schedule and teacher impressions

1. English with Elias
strict, patriotic, and interesting. i think his class will be tough and fun

2.Drama with Salerno
sal:plain and simple

3.AP gov with harrison

4. offffff

5. Psych with battersby
Interesting subject, strict teacher, fun teacher, hard course. My brain will fall out and I will enjoy it:)

6.Spanish with Montoya
like the teacher. hate the course. just remember those 6 credits...

7. Math with Sherman
I hope I can cut it with the calculus, as I was up and down last year but I like the class and teacher and I am praying to do well. hell, I will even study

8. Gym.

9. Euro with Smes
again. love. love. love

I also signed up for SADD, recycling committee, and mock trial

lets see how my brain fares under all this. And I haven't even began to TALK about my new eating plan
thats a post in itself. But that is for later today
or tomorrow
or new week
or next month
or next year...

Or whenever I remember that this exists and I have the time and will to write.
I will edit (maybe) later

Any questions class?


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm here at Eisner,

And it is beyond the awesome, like woah....I mean it is beyond the awesome, in fact it is fuck the feeling I was afraid of not getting, it is here in my gut and it is here to stay and it like yes.

Golly gosh Fuck twat yes

there I am mixing my curse levels, look what xkcd makes me do? and life and yeah...

so now that my non-! excitement is over..

I don't know why I didn't use them, I blame laziness. Bad laziness baddddddddd.

I m tired, yess I am-and happy. Quite!


Not only am I in Eisner
Not only did I meet a british nerd (Now to be referred as Britnerd)
Not only did I just have chocolate
I got questions
People exist on the internet
and they read my blog
well wait-no
they exist in real life, and I sent them to my blog
but by golly it counts
cause I say so. So ner

What are you going to study as a senior? My plan is to do five advanced placement courses (euro, psyc, cac, gov, and eng) and not kill myself in the process. I also plan to study some Drama and "Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy" A.k.a "Everything I hate about America" I also plan to study the art of napping.

Where do you want to study?
Not in School? If I had my choice of things I would put school in an open field somewhere and learn there, even if it is raining. College wise? I don't have a damned clue. Not in the snow.

Why to both?
...Because I am indecisive nut case. Plain and Simple...

When do you expect to finsh the ipod mission?
Hopefully by the end of this year. I'm on the h's now, I haven't been listening to it in camp so far cause I am preoccupied with Prince Freddick III, my new mp3 with all classical music on it. I'm a bad girl :(

Who is your favorite band so far?
That is like asking...What is your favorite flavor of pie? HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE?!? No really. I have not a clue, I like MSI, Guster, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Blue October, Garth Brooks,Enya, Ace of Base...shall I go on? Its easier to say I dislike Rap, and Emo music.

How do you do?
I be doing allright, well amazing, well no
My stomach and shoulder hurts
My mouth hurts from smiling
I feel like dancing
and I can't wait to dance
I am in the mood for chocolate
and the thought of candy is making me sick
I want to get rid of the sweat and dirt from the last day
and I honestly can't get myself to care

I am feeling like Camp. And that was more poetic than I EVER meant it to be.

Alright, the Israelis are glaring at me for taking up a staff computer for so very long.
See you on the flip side
Send my blog to people
and yeah


And some news from outside the bubble pleaseeeee.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

SO I suck. Thats pretty much true.


Wow this awkward. Kinda like walking into the middle of a conversation where the last thing said was "And than I ate it off her."

But not really.

Been a while, eh?

I mean a real big while.

I truly suck. I know, I don't know why I haven't been posting lately. At all...I want to get back to it though, especially because I am going to Camp soon. Which is like HOLY FUCK. Because-well...I don't feel like I am. It doesn't feel like June. Doesn't feel like we just have five more days of classes. Doesn't feel like I am almost a just...


I am waiting for it to hit me, and I am hoping it doesn't come in August or some shit like that..

Well, I am going to break off for a moment to update on my ipod:

At curent: I am on song 1202 ( Grace of God go I by Flogging Molly)

In fact. I am going to go through the numbers now, so I have it all handy and dandy for later:

First song: "A 9mm And A Three Piece Suit" by Catch 22 (1)
Last song: "Aye Tarona" No Artist (217)
# of songs: (217)

First song: "B'tzelem Elohim" by URJ Camp Eisner (218)
Last song: ""BYOB" by System of a Down (452)
# of songs:(235)

First song: "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched(453)
Last song: "Cute Without the "E"(Acostic)" by Taking Back Sunday(651)
# of songs:(199)

First song:"Daffodil Lament" by The Cranberries(652)
Last song: "Dusk in Desert Rain" by Goteki(842)
# of songs:(191)

First song:"Easy Action" by Kotani Kinya (843)
Last song: "Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)" by The Who(943)
# of songs:(101)

First song:"Fa Fa" by Guster(944)
Last song: "Futures" by Mindless Self Indulgence (1081)
# of songs:(138)

First song:"Gackt-Death Wish" by Gackt(1082)
Last song:"Gypsy" by Suzzane Vega(1224)
# of songs:(143)

I think I will just keep on this list, or maybe copy and paste it when I get to the end of the journy of which I am about 1/4 of the way through at letter 7 of 26, which seems about right.

The T's are going to be fun.....

Bell just rang. Gotta go. Hopefully I'll be back soon.

QUESTIONS you non-existent fuckheads :D


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will add more later but I just want to note that I got through the D's.

Dusk in desert Rain by Goteki was the last, and that was number 842.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh Wow.

So yes.

I am becoming bad again, but I haven't really had the time to sit and write with APs and SATs coming up. Is Andrea a happy camper? Nope! God. I have been hiccuping like a mother all day, the stress is getting to me. I have one may 9th (apush) may 13th (chem) and may 14th (Composition) but am I at all ready for any?

The only test I feel truly 100% confident about is the SATs, which is may 3rd, and I just want to get it over already. I think I should do at least a 1250 (out of 1600) and I am secretly wishing for closer to a 1400. Who knows, maybe I will even beat bagel (mist fricken 1450) but if that happens, I will laugh my ass off for a very, very long time.

I have been a good girl and I have been studying though.

Today is the Mock AP for APUSH. I will get to see what I will get with minescule review and a stomach ache. I just want a feel for the test, that will help me out more than anything at this point.

So! I have started playing around with a new character, not that anyone cares. He is a half crazed mage, who started playing around where papa told him not too. He has an amulet, which he tried to use to heal the broken bone of a friend using a time speed up. What he did instead was send himself into the future, without enough of the potion that would send him back to his era. His dad told him not to play with magics he still ahdn't learned-but no...he had to be cocky, and now he is stuck in the modern world of smog and metal-and the culture shock has driven him a bit loco to say the least.

I need to A) give him a name B) figure out if I want to make a story or roleplay with him. C) work out the discription and D) nail down the personality.

Not neccersarily in this order. I just hope the concept is original enough. In reality, I am trying to depart from my security blanket character Onde. LOVER HIM....but....I feel I need to expand. Thats why I have Sahar for medieval, now I need something for Modern :) and I think this mage is it.

I wonder what time my mock ap starts...hopefully not right after the bell. I drove Big red to school today to drop stuff off. It would suck if I couldn't do it and I would have to drive again....

Now. Remember you nonexsistant folk: QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya lots.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello Aunt Jean Ann

Writing from my Aunt and Uncle's house in New Jersy (yes the smelly state)

I stayed over night with bagel, cause my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jean ann Are pretty darn fun. Yesterday night we talked, and today we baked a cake that was kosher for passover. Which started yesterday. Which means no bread for 7 more days. Can you hear the rumble of the stomach?

Last night the sedar was at my house, Noddlebum was there to mingle with the family. That was a sight to see. No one really gave him the third degree. which was a shock, I wonder if they realize he is in college....

Not that I will tell them that xP. only if they ask.

Tonight we are at Susie and Michael's house for Sedar-which will be decidingly a lot more boring than at our house. A) because it is a tad smaller and so more claustraphobic and B) well....they tend to go out a bit more than us, which means waiting a lot longer for food (Which is admittingly better than what we serve)

I am quite excited though for the cake we baked. Chocolate fudge with whipped cream and almonds. Can you say delcious?

But, enough on food.
The carride up here was fun.
We played a name that city type game, where the last letter of a city spawns the first of the next.

New York City

You get the picture?
Twas fun :)

Oh lordy. I can smell that cake....


3 letters down
23 to go
Last song with
"Cute without the E (acostic)
and it rang in at 651

If I weren't lazy I would go back and subtract to findout how many C's I had
maybe later.

But for now, I need to show my Aunt Jean my lovely photoshoppings. because I am a braggart, and quite proud of the work I did xP

Qhy don't you question me to find out xP


Friday, April 18, 2008

-Brushes dust off-

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while-but I am assuming no one is really clicking refresh on this page so there is no point except for myself. Right? At least I am doing better with this than I have with my other ventures.

...Which ain't saying much
(Says the girl who wrote in her diary once a year)

So how have my two weeks been.
Well! Let me tell you...I don't remember a fucking thing :)
Or of note anyway.
There probably was something...but.
Its 12:30 and I don't give a hoot or holler anymore.

Oh wait!
I did do something.

I am tinkering with photoshop. Yep you non-existent ladies and gents, I make the pictures on the computers now!

Tell me what you think...all none of you.

Ipod update:
In the end o' C's.
Got past Crazy
No one to listen to the cotton eye joe with :(

I have discovered my love for windows down and volume up. Especially when classical or Disney comes on. Yessireee.

Well, Bed harkens. Hello Bed, I hark back.
Oh yes. Question me.


Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well Gosh.

Today has been interesting, watched Kill Bill with Noddlebum, got into a little tiff of a thing, and drove. A lot. And talked a lot. I am not the soul bearing sort, so yeah-an odd experience today.

So here I am, 3 am again and slaving over homework once more.
What is on the list? Drama, Social Studies, Chemistry, and English.

What have I done?
The chem, and I am in the middle of Drama.
I feel bad.

I am supposed to hang out with NB tomorrow...err, today(sun.)-and he told me to finish up work. I was suppose to have done that before I saw him on today(sat.) But I kinda really wanted to see him (Insert Awwwwwsss here) and so I didn't.

I know.
I'm a bad girl.

I worry about work though, a lot. I live on the stress...and I know I probably shouldn't be hanging out with him tomorrow, because that will mean I will be up to all hours of the night on Sunday. But fuck it. FUCK IT.

Gah. I am going to be in a suck mood, I know a shock, and I hate that. Because I don't like suck moods...they well, suck.

I know, the depth of that....just sit back and take it in. Now, doesn't that feel better?

I need to learn time management. And how to not have ADD.

So. My ipod (There goes working on the Attention Span.)


BYOB by System of the down was the last song, clocking in at 452....meaning that there are

235 B songs...more than As, really? Golly. Now I am into the C's and the journey continues.

blasted some Barry Mantilow and Disney

People on the cross walk looked at us all funny.

It was amazing.

Now back into the depthes of homework Hell.
Sleep? What is this?



Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breathing Bricks

So. I Should be studying for that editorial thing that we are finally going to write next period, or so the rumors go, but instead I am going to type about nonsensical things and try and amuse the nonexsistant masses that read this thing.

I want to start another story soon, but first I need a plot.
I've posted this elsewhere, so I should probably add it to this blog as well.

Email me, or comment me, an idea you want to see written out.
Original or for some fandoms(ask me)
Give me a prompt

Anything, Please. nothing is too much to write about and I so want the practice.

I mean, I guess I practice writing everyday, as I DO roleplay. Alot.
Speaking of which:

My roleplay website. It is a fun place, describing my rules and what I do and all that other fun stuff.

Not that anyone is going to click, so why do I bother?

I haven't eaten alot today, so my stomach has been growling audiably for the last while in a half. Maybe I can see if I can get it to sing Jingle Bells....


Bricks and Breathing were the theme of my morning ride.
She's a brick
She's a Brick House
Just breath
Breathing in your love
Ya get the picture?
I am starting to sing a lot more outloud to the songs I know. I am glad car windows are made of safty glass, or I would worry about the harm this is causing to my car.

How much fun was that today?
We are studying "Movement" So we got to walk all funky to this funky classical disco stuff.
I need to get that song. It was awesome
"Hooked on Classical."

apparently it is hard to find, but I will manage :D

I wonder what we are going to do with it tomrrow? All I know is that half the class, including myself, worked up a sweat during the process. So I feel bad for the general population of the school, for I don't know how many of my fellow drama-ites use deodorant, or deodorant that actually WORKS.

Ah. BO. Lovely, lovely BO.

Fuckkkk. I am Hungry. Guess JJ and I are going out to Lunch today! Woot.

Now Onto the Questions:


Why am I shocked?
Oh wait. I'm not.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boredom in a nutshell

Golly golly golly golly golly

That is all I have to say.
Really, life is suck right now and I don't know why. I am aching, count that, ACHING with boredom. Enough so that I am seriously thinking about doing homework, DRAMA homework. I mean come on, how desperate can you get?

Speaking of Drama. I got into the show. Oh boy.
I am an Audience/observer thingy in "The Sneeze" AND
I am understudying the Assistant in the second Act. For get this"
Her: Black
Me: Short

...Oh yeah. This is going to work out SPLENDIDLY.

Ah well, Sal seems to know what he is talking about...right?

Wow. I need to get a life, for real, instead of spending Ninth period babbling on like a brook.
I could write a story, again, but my muse is currently sleeping.
Maybe I can start on my Onde novel-eh?

Oh wait. I still need to decide how I am going to write that fucker.

I wanna write though, about something.
Other than about sitting here and doing nothing. Which seems to be the usual topic...

So what is goin' on with the Crazy Box o music?
Well this morning (because I forgot the commentary I had from this weekend)

-Two Words: Techno Bagpipes
-I have braveheart on my ipod SIX TIMES. God damn, WHY? I haven't even seen the movie :X
-Pop is Fun
-This is the life Bo Bo Bo Bo
-Queen twice in one ride: life is NICE.

Now finally I ask:


Or creative writing prompts?
Pretty Please.
With sugar on top, and ice cream, and cherries, and sprinkles, and other things to put you into a diabetic shock....


Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know I am going to sound a bit holier than thou right now. Pretensious and all that shit, but I need to say it: I am so above highschool.


These boys. They just have these vacent stares, and their volcabulary consists of maybe ten words. I am expecting them to just start drooling, and dragging their knuckles. Volume control is an unknown thing, and Tact? God. They lack it to a scary level.

The girls aren't much better.
I didn't know spray cans came equipped with cloth, because that is how it looks like they dressed. Just painted clothes on for how tight they are, and than ran out of paint midway through for how much skin is showing.

And I don't care how much you spent on sunglasses. I got mine at walmart for 5$. To use them for the purpose they were meant know? The sun. Not the classroom.

And if I wanted furry things on my feet, I wouldn't drop 100 dollars for a pair of boots I can't wear in the rain. I would stick my foot up a squirrl's ass.


and the conversation:
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo popular!!!!!


Is anyone up for renting a warehouse, locking all these people inside and torching it in a fit of joy?

I am.


Questions. Please.
(to the nonexsistant people out there)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Foregoing sleep

its 3:22 AM

and I am STIIL procrastinating on homework. Crazy I know

I am finally in that calm state, to do things, its weird. My body is tired-but my mind is there. I have been waiting for that ALL day. So I can get my fucking work done.

but nope, it had to wait until I have to get for school in another 4 hours.
So no sleep for me.
I am going to treat myself to a bagel and coffee though.

I love being alone in the house at night

Ipod update:

-musicking to homework is profitable!
-song 217 was the last of the A's. "Aye Tarona" Which is probably titled incorrectly anyway.
-Up to 318 "Beverly Hills"
-I like avenged sevenfold. I got two of their songs. I liked it. Nice rocky feel.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Haven't posted in a while.

Why? Dunno. Not like this break has been extraordinarily busy. All I have been doing really is hanging around, getting more Role play buddies, palling around with Rob (henceforth he shall be known as Noddlebum) and my cousin (Bagel) . Oh yes, and I have also been doing a splendid job on procrastinating on my homework. I found this game where you mix drinks online. Yep. I ROCK.

So yes.
I didn't really progress on the ipod front.
I am up to "Ar" Song. 176.

I am listening to it currently. The song is "Ariel" by Dan Friedman.

I choreographed a routine to that song once to try out and be the choreographer for my 8th grade musical....CAN YOU SAY LOSER?

I can.
In a few languages actually :D

I know. Special.

God. I am in a funk.
Dunno why either.

Maybe some questions will cheer me up, huh?


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

9th period

god this sucks.

So, tomorrow is the first day of vacation and I have ninth period off, which means that technically I could just leave now and forget about school (Except for the lovly break assignments >.>) for the next six days. But no. I have to stay for strike like a good little drama girl. I could not be in less of a mood to throw around wood and nearly kill myself time and time again.

Worst of all I have to wait an hour and a half before I can do it. Well, now just a hour-but still. There is no mail for me to check, I don't think I can proofread my story one more time, and I am not in the mood to start anything new. I tried to be studious and do my chem homework, but that totally flopped in a big ball of flames. I got part of the first section done. Oh boy. Maybe I will even be good and not leave most of it for tuesday night.

well...I'll try >.>


so fucking bored. really. I mean. If I had some questions to answer, that would be good-but oh wait, no one reads this damned thing so why do I even try?

Well. At least I don't have to wait for the bus in the rain, though I am going to have to go out to my car soon enough to pull it around. And my jeans just dried from this morning too...poo :(


I am going to go see how many pokes it takes to a JJ before he reacts.

I forgot to count.

JJ tells me 7

Isn't this fun?



Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So doing the food diary thing on a blog.
Tis fun.

Lets see exactly how much food I eat. I plan to make it more specific than just writing out a list of foodstuffs though. Add calories, etc. Maybe I will do the fiber count, and protein, and if I do weight watchers points

and If I want to get real serious. I will measure my poo to see how much stays in my body o.O

Sad thing is. People actually do that. Sad. sad. sad.

I have to do an editorial for English. Two in fact.

The last one is about a month late..I should go about getting that done...
hell I should go about finding articles for it. Like for real.

Its on war.
Just argue a part about war.
Mine is "The largest driving force in war is economy."

Now to find articles supporting that.

The next one is for tomorrow
and thats on the campaign
...Vote for Obama?

Dunno really.
Tis suckkkk

And SAT prep tonight too! Nice and boring. >.>
But my teacher is cool. We found out we are both on the same forum which is sweet.
Especially cause the forum is nuts.

Some of you probably no what I am talking about.
But for the sake of Rules 1 &2 I speak no further.

There is the bell.


hopefully he forgets about that...


He didn't forget the essay. Poo.

But no editorial tomorrow, so I have the mini-march break to get articles. Hot damn.

On another note, my car's battery died. Just went kaput, I wonder what I left on...I pressed all the buttons and such later to make sure everything is off. I hope that means it will survive the night, or I no get to school :x

Thank god for landscapers or I would still be there trying to figure what the hell to do. They jumped Big Red for me. So the beast lives again.

A man also helped me with recyclables. I earned...5.10$. I was gonna give him a dollar ro two but he disappeared. ah well. Guess I need to return a good deed.
Which is why I donated the money to Cancer :D

Plus 25 dollars More. Cause I am the awesome, and cause my cousin cut her hair for it.

More from me tomorrow. I bet you can't wait, you nonexistent masochistic fools



Monday, March 17, 2008


So strike is about to start and I am doing props. Lovely.

I am up to 137 on the ipod line, a lot more songs-yeah I know specific again.

Korn should never cover Pink Floyd. Ever. (another brick in the wall)

One of my friends who I reconned from was like "LOVE MY IPOD. lol." When only one of three songs were hers. Bitch. Music protective much? Dunno why.

How am I only up to An?

Singing along to rent is fun (another day)
what ev.

So yes. Strike. getting rid of the set and such. I am going to be nice and help props, because I like to organize.

Lets hope I remember to do my hours. kinda need to write those down...

Tech nights (prop runs)
now strike.
(My own list. don't mind this...who ever you are)

Kinda hoping my sister calls me mad that I took her car so that I can leave early. I didn't realize I had taken her car until halfway through first period., when I was like "Shit. Sam is coming home today..." Kinda need to clean it out.

I put in 5 gallons of gas. (half a tank now) So sam. If you read this, know I am sorry.

Add on: Ya ha. I gotta question. From Rob. Hello Rob.

Question: Why are you so beautiful?
Answer: Either your eyes are broken, or the blood of virgins really does work.

and to the rest of you none existent people:


Sunday, March 16, 2008


I actually went back and proofread my posts, taking away typos. As my English teacher would say, that makes it less "Organic." Well, Poo Poo to him.

Yesterday was the closing of "Annie Get Your Gun." our school musical.
God that felt weird to write.
That went much to fast for my taste, and it is hard to believe I enjoyed myself-but I did.
I really and truly did.

The cast was great, as was my co management (I was an ASM)
Ah shit. At least there is next year, right?

No one has asked questions yet. And I am trying to figure out how to get a counter on the bottom of my page so that I can see exactly how many people are NOT reading this. Probably the only time it will go up is when I update. Ha.

Thats fun.

Anywho, I am going to spruce the place up a bit, for me once again. AND I am going to stop saying sorry for writing, because really. If you have gotten this far, you must be masochistic. So I will let you go along with your pleasure.




I have an ipod. (As do most people in this day and age, but work with me here.)
It has 4150 songs on it.
of which I know...500? 1000 maybe.

How did this come about? Well when my first ipod, George, decided to die-leaving me with no music, I turned to my friends and sister to give me music, going to take songs I had before.

Of course laziness kicked in, and after clicking through their libraries-I just dumped it all with the words. 'Eh. I will go through it later."

Of course, as things go, later never came.

So I had double my original library, and no where to go.

When Lucy (ipod number 2) went to the great electronic heaven in the sky, I was in the same situation. So I repeated the process, except with more friends-who also had bigger libraries. my list of songs continued to grow.

To the point that Scotty-Ann, my lovely 30 gB ipod, is now full. And I realize later must come now.

But I just think: What am I going to delete? How will I know if I like a song or not if I have never listened to it?

So I am going to listen to them. All of them. From A-Z. It will probably take years, due to the sheer amount, but it should be fun right...right?

Well if you consider I have Hebrew rap, German pop, hip hop, Enya, Rock.....

you get the picture?

The venture started last week, and I am about 100 songs in. So this will be a quick run down, the rest hopefully will be more specific as I talk about my life (Not that anyone is reading this)

-The people who I drive seem okay with the idea. Though the faces they pull on some of the songs is FUN.

-After about 30 songs with the word "All" In it, I now hate the word.

-Conversation stops when a choir of ten year old boys start singing hebrew to a bad "we're hip" beat.

-Of all of my songs that start with "American" The most patriotic is "American Honky Tonk Bar association." which is more about hill billy pride...and less about the country. Well. Thats okay.

-I have decided that if I have two songs in a row, due to repeats, I am allowed to skip. decided after TATU's, "All the things she said." (Russian version) appeared twice. NOT COOL.

So my adventure continues. I feel my culture expanding and my braincells degrading. At least for a while I can look forward to not hearing the same old music, and become surprised at what I have been carrying around for all this time.

109 down.

Still accepting questions. ASK GOD DAMN YOU.

And if this blog has caused your IQ to drop by 40 points, I am so sorry.


Friday, March 14, 2008



Why not!



So tired.

Whoever invented AP Chem should be shot. I mean, yeah, I know I should have done these before-but I didn't have time. What with Shiva, and assistant stage managing and yeah-excuses. Poo.


Happy PI day

To all right. no one.

Not even 3.14159265358979323846264338327......yeah you get the picture. Well no you don't. For you don't exist.

Question offer still up. Ask away! Please... and oh yes

if these words make your head implode, I am so sorry.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ah whoops

Number two

I can't believe I actually remembered I have this thing. Ninth period and avoiding homework though Chem is calling my name. It is easy shit no doubt, but tedious as all hell.

My grandfather died a week ago.
Yep thats a good way to start off a sentence. Right out of the blue and a slap to the face.
not sure how I am dealing with it, both very emotional, and at the same time not at all.

It fucking sucks. I can tell you that much.

It makes me want to write more though. Dun know why. So I guess I will be posting my lovely rambling thoughts more often, no?
not that people will be reading. I swear it. If I get a comment I will melt into a pile of giddy.

For one, no one has reason to read this. I have not a clue what I will be going on about, but it is nice to have an outlet onto the internet.

Ask me questions. I will answer them.

That will be my gimmick.

yes I know. random and thrown out.

But for serious. Send me to shit to answer, advice, or what not. And I will try and answer them as best as I can.

Not sure how. But it will happen. That will be my challenge

And once again. If you have come upon this blog, and your eyes were burned out by these words. I am so sorry.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

First day

Okay. This is what boredom leads to I suppose. How fun.

This will be called attempt number 4. It is probably more, but at the moment I am too lazy to recount how many times I have tried to make a damned journal type thing. You would expect a writer to be able to keep a daily blog, right? Wrong. I just suck, but thats fine.

I want to write this blog... about stuff. I know, the specificness of that statement just blows your mind. I'm just that talented.

But really. A blog is fun, even if no one reads it. Which will probably be the case in this matter, thats fine. This is for me anyway.

At least thats what I am telling myself.

Enjoy though. And if you came upon this blog by accident. I'm so sorry.